Plans change, and budgeting impacts work out in favor of Molalla's checkbook

Before the Sept. 12 Molalla City Council meeting, the city's budget commission met to determine what to do with some funding.

Typically, things that are decided in January may need to be reapplied by the following September. And, that's exactly what happened, according to Chaunee Seifried, Molalla's finance director.

Some of the money that had been budgeted wouldn't be in use and other budget items were higher than expected, so the committee had to make specific changes. First, the money budgeted for fixing the city's streets was eliminated from the budget because voters turned down the suggested fee.

The city had requested a United States Department of Agriculture grant/loan and it looks like the city may receive the $2 million, said Seifried. If that happens the money will go into the capital project fund for Public Works projects. Money for sewers was a bit higher than was expected. Seifried said that money "was expensed to operations and contingency."

It appears to be a rare occurrence for the budget to be above what was budgeted, she told the Pioneer.

Carol Rosen
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