Taking up an initiative to settle confusion between the City's comprehensive plan and zoning map

This week's City Council meeting, set for Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. includes a public meeting regarding a vote to resolve inconsistencies between Molalla's comprehensive plan and its zoning map. The differences between the two are causing confusion and potential hurdles for land use action where there are conflicts.

Resolving these differences will make zoning clear and concise for land use decisions and the definition for zones appropriate for existing land use. Once these are resolved, land use actions will include comprehensive plan changes, zone changes and sometimes changes to both.

These potential changes are part of a July 25 Planning Commission public hearing. The commissioners made specific recommendations to approve the comprehensive map and zone change amendment. These can be found, starting on page 15 of the meeting packet on the internet.

The revisions were developed over the past several years by the Planning Commission, Winterbrook Planning and Cogan Owens Cogan, both from Portland, and Erik D. Hovee Associates from Vancouver Washington. Staff from the city's Planning and Public Works Departments also participated.

Last meeting's discussion of the Transportation System Plan brought up some issues regarding the system and potential transportation development. Under a high priority discussion, staff at this meeting plans to present options for to high priority discussion for transportation projects and funding opportunities.

Also during new business, council members will discuss ideas for a retreat, looking for decisions as to when and where the retreat will take place.

Carol Rosen
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