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The program announces all projects that have been completed and are underway

The Nov. 14 Molalla City Council meeting included a discussion of the Capital Improvement program for the five years from 2018-2023. This program identifies the city's major projects that use public funds for projects that aren't routine annual operating expenditures. Molalla requires such needs for transportation, wastewater collection and treatment, water treatment and distribution, stormwater treatment and drainage as well as parks and public facilities.

That plan forecasts the city's capital needs for both five- and 20-year periods based on existing master planning documents, goals, policies and other planning needs. Public Works Director Gerald Fisher notes that his department and the city expect to update the document annually, looking at the funds available for these projects. Priorities for each project can vary by year and depend on the funding levels available. They are part of the Molalla's annual budgeting process.

However, Fisher told Council Members there will not be a Public Works report at the next meeting. Instead will do it for the December meeting. "My staff is working on the budget for next year and we've completed a bunch of projects. Our operations supervisor wants to highlight the work they've done and the money they've saved."

These projects, he said, may change as more information and funding sources become available. It's actually a working document allowing potential revisions so that the best funded projects meet city needs when the funds become available.

He added there will be an update on Public Works administrative fees at the next meeting. "They pretty much all stayed the same, except the printing on our large plotter where the costs have gone up over time. There's a minor change to cover the cost increase. The other changes are water, sewer and storm, where the costs are up over time. So we did a minor increase to cover our costs," Fisher said.

Fisher listed potential funding sources that can and may include: property tax bonds, revenue bonds, city revenues, system development charges or SDC available money, property owner assessments, gifts and grants and federal and state programs. Each project is part of transportation, wastewater, water, stormwater, parks, facilities or vehicles and equipment.

Twenty-one projects currently are under way. Four of these are listed in transportation: Fenton Avenue community development block grant (CDBG) which previously was Lola Avenue CDBG; Highway 211 bike and pedestrian improvements from Highway 213 to Ona Way; Highway 213 and Toliver Road, the All Roads Transportation Safety project; Ona Way jurisdictional transfer.

The six wastewater projects include the wastewater facility and collection system master plan update; Fenton Avenue sewer replacement; Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) new headworks screen; WWTP headworks gantry crane; WWTP lagoon biosolids removal; and WWTP permit modification.

There are six water capital projects: Fenton Avenue waterline replacement; Faurie Avenue waterline replacement; Water treatment plant (WTP) new 2 MGD filtration unit; WTP sodium hypochorite and SCADA upgrades; WTP aluminum Chlorohydrate upgrades; Trout Creek monitoring station.

Stormwater capital improvements are listed for Fenton Avenue and Clark Park improvements have reached Phase 2. There are two facilities projects under way including Public Works shops facility improvements and Public Works shops decant facility. There are no vehicle and equipment projects at this time.

Meanwhile, forty-three projects have been completed by the city since 2015. Divided into their eight classifications they begin with transportation, which has nine completed projects: Heintz Street extension; Grange, Stowers and Heintz Street improvements; Molalla Avenue Streetscape improvements from 3rd Street to Heintz; Transportation System Master Plan Update; Section and Hart pavement reconstruction; Shaver and 211 pavement reconstruction; Lowe Road jurisdictional transfer; pavement condition index study; and system development charges update.

Ten projects are complete for wastewater. These include WWTP aeration basin grit and sand removal; WWTP effluent pump house HVAC replacement; WWTP gravity filter media replacement; WWTP headworks screen rebuild; WWTP aeration basin mixer replacement; WWTP transfer pump replacement; WWTP lagoon leak study; WWTP O&M manual update; I&I reduction plan with SSMH repairs; and rate study and system development charges update.

Nine water projects have been completed including Heintz Street waterline improvements from West End to Kennel Avenue and Heintz Street waterline improvements from Kennel Avenue to Center Avenue; Stowers Road waterline improvements from 5th Street to 7th Street; Molalla Avenue waterline improvements from 3rd Street to Heintz Street; Water treatment plant (WTP) lab and restroom improvements; WTP 1.2 MG reservoir cleaning and inspection; WTP security fencing and gate improvements; Recycled water reuse plan update; and Rate study and system development charges update.

Four stormwater projects were completed including Molalla Avenue stormwater improvements from 3rd Street to Heintz Street; City Hall parking lot planter island and drainage improvements; Ross Street Stormwater improvements; and Rate study and system development charges update.

Seven improvements have been completed the Fox Park splash pad, Rotary Park at the BiMart Complex; Fox Park mural pad and ADA access; Long Park Bike Plaza; Bear Creek Pathway and footbridge; and two projects at Clark Park, property consolidation and improvements Phase 1.

Facilities improvements listed two projects completed, the City Hall remodel Phase 1 and Police Department remodel and ADA improvements. Finally the city has purchased a Vector truck and a Water truck.

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