Project updating, street, sewer and water line replacements nearly complete

The project on Fenton Avenue has been ongoing since August and wasn't expected to be completed after several problems hampered the work. It appeared the project would have to be extended because of poor soil conditions. However, now it looks like it could be completed before Christmas.

The undertaking designed and constructed sewer and water line replacements and street reconstruction from Heinz Avenue to about 600 feet south through a Community Development Block Grant project from Clackamas County. But when they dug up the street, it appeared poor soil left the pipes without a solid surface underneath.

The pipes were expected to be supported. Because they weren't, workers had to prepare structure to ensure a solid surface using rocks and soil. Also after the street had been dug up, the sub-contractor chosen to finish the street was working on another project. That also caused a delay.

That work has since been addressed, says Public Works Director Gerald Fisher. Steven Cespedes, the project manager from Kerr Contractors, explained that the poor soil and utility positions that weren't where plans indicated had extended the work. But the project, which included tearing up the streets and sidewalks now should be complete before the end of this month.

"We did encounter areas of poor soils that had to be addressed at additional cost, but that work is done now," said Fisher in an email to the Pioneer. "I don't know the total cost at this time. I can say that I believe had the contractor started when they were issued a notice to proceed and continuously worked on the project every working day, that there is a high probability that the project would have been completed by the [original] completion date."

An updated status filed on Dec. 3 indicates there are about eight projects that will be completed within the next week and a half. These include roadway excavation expected to be complete on Dec. 4; curb preparation and installation, scheduled to be complete by Dec.7; pavement preparation and installation should be completed by Dec. 12; and sidewalk/driveway preparation and installation should be completed on Dec. 14. The final week, beginning Dec. 17, will be clean up and close out.

Those final three weeks of December will finish the project, but neither Fisher nor Cespedes would claim to know the exact cost. Cespedes indicated the ball park completion figure is about $698,465.

Carol Rosen
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