Council also passes sign code ordinance, will finish towing ordinance next meeting

The Molalla City Council passed a resolution at its Feb. 13 meeting to open applications for the position of mayor after Jimmy Thompson's resignation.

Those seeking the office must make application to the council by Feb. 27. Members will consider the applications and hold interviews at the March 13 meeting and make a decision that night. The council will handle tie-breaking by voting and re-voting until the tie is broken, according to Dan Huff, city manager.

In other work, Chief of Police Rod Lucich said he had worked with the city attorney and talked with other municipalities to update Molalla's towing regulations. Molalla's regulations had been made years ago, he said, and some actually didn't withstand time. Those, including one about 12-person vans, were removed.

Since current towing regulations hadn't been addressed in years, and the way they were written was too lengthy and cumbersome, that made it really difficult to respond to the needs of the community, Lucich said. Abandoned cars would sit, moss grow under them, people would call to get them moved, police would go out with chalk and mark them and then the person would move the vehicle so it would technically be moved, and the police would have to start all over again.

The police tried to shorten the time and came up with best practices, so now instead of weeks to get rid of an abandoned car, it can be done within 72 hours. There were some questions from council members about timing and the word "adjacent." The chief offered to include these changes and bring them back cleaned-up for a vote at the next meeting.

The sign code ordinance was approved.

The Molalla Council retreat, originally scheduled for Feb. 9, was rescheduled for March 2 due to the weather.

Members also discussed new business from the previous meeting. They will vote at the next meeting to alter a rule that didn't allow former councilors to join city boards and committees for a year after leaving the city council. This will allow them to come back and serve on a committee. Glen Boreth, who retired from the council in January, wants to serve on the budget committee. There are two other openings for citizens to serve on that committee.

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