Also plans to update sign code and towing regulations, mayoral applications due that day

The Molalla City Council will meet Feb.27 and spend part of the meeting updating and voting on ordinances including the sign code that was passed at the last meeting. It's also the day the applications for a new mayor must be turned in. Council members will interview and likely choose a new mayor at the first meeting in March.

Under old business, council members will discuss staff recommendations to add a fee for specific park areas such as the gazebo and or the pavilion at Fox Park. They will talk about a fee, likely $50 for four hours for specific areas only. These would not tie up the ability to play or picnic in other parts of the parks.

City Manager Dan Huff sent a memo to the council on Jan.18 noting that there's been an increase in demand for use of the park system and suggesting to react as other cities requesting to reserve specific areas for a fee citing the cost to the city. This would allow the city the ability to provide extra maintenance and oversite of park use.

While the Sign Code was passed unanimously twice, it appears one change took it back to a land use situation, which staff was trying to move away from initially. City staff proposed to replace the permit appeal section and put under permit requirement section in 18.02.040. This allows the applicant whose sign applications that has been conditioned, denied, suspended or revoked to write a request to the City Manager.

It must be in written form and filed to the City Manager by mail or delivered within 10 business days after it was conditioned, denied, suspended or revoked. The request will include the name and address of the appellant and the business owner if different; the nature of the determination, which the request is taken from and a copy of the exact determination; the reason(s) the why that determination is deemed incorrect by the appellant and what the correct determination should be.

Another discussion will take place on the towing regulations, which Police Chief Rod Lucich agreed to change at the last meeting. This includes regulations the police and council deemed outdated and should be removed or updated. These regulations were at least 20 years old, and needed the oversight and changed or updated.

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