Council finishes changes to towing, sign codes and talks about what is coming up

Molalla City Council members spent their Feb. 27 meeting finishing up several ordinances and talking about things to come.

They first heard the changes Police Chief Rod Lucich made for updating Ordinance 2019-03 regarding towing. He had changed some of the language to update the regulations and make them clear. They were approved as amended.

The council also updated an ordinance that didn't allow former council members to join boards or commissions for 12 months after stepping down from their seat. This also passed a first and second vote and will go into effect before the Budget Committee begins meeting.

Members also had to take back approval for the sign code, because the initial changes did not remove it from land use. Those changes were amended with additional changes.

Under Old Business, City Manager Dan Huff brought up the park use fee and wants to make it a more organized process, more efficient. Huff suggested that the topic should be brought up at a future meeting.

In other news:

Public Works Director Gerald Fisher discussed the vehicle registration fee of $30 per year the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners passed in February, and how it will help Molalla work on its streets and sidewalks. However, the city won't be able to use those funds, about $180,000, until 2021, the first time two years' worth of fees has been collected. Fisher told council members that if he knows what they want him to use the money for, he can plan for projects and target areas for priority.

Also, the work on Hezzie and Highway 211 got underway the last week of February. The crosswalk has been painted and the beacons are next. Fisher expects the entire process to be completed and running this month.

Teri Shankle announced the theme of this year's July 4 parade – "Red, White and Boom." Volunteers are needed.

Molalla will host the Clackamas Cities Dinner on May 23. It will be held at Rosse Prosse Elk Farm bringing other county cities to see Molalla. City Council president Elizabeth Klein, Leota Childress and Kelly Richardson, city recorder, are making plans for the dinner, tour and entertainment, but need volunteer help.

The city will continue to accept applications for mayor. Richardson would prefer they be in by March 8, five days prior to the council meeting, but will still accept them during working hours on March 13.

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