Colton's school board utilizes four make-up days, eliminates early release those weeks

PAMPLIN FILE PHOTO COURTESY REBEKAH PELE MARIE - Colton snow in February.Colton has been hit hard with snow and ice, and therefore, missed school days. On March 11, the school board determined how to best make up those instructional days.

The district announced on its website March 12 that the board determined it is not possible to meet required instructional time while maintaining early release on five-day weeks.

Colton School District has four-day school weeks—Monday through Thursday—but occasionally holds school on Fridays to make up for holidays or snow days. Typically, on five-day weeks, Colton students are released one hour early Monday through Friday, according to the district's calendar.

But with so many missed days, those early releases won't happen.

Here are the dates that will now be used as instructional days, with no early release any days during the impacted weeks: Friday, April 26; Friday, May 10; Monday, June 10; Tuesday, June 11.

Colton seniors, who graduate June 8, have enough instructional time and are not required to attend school June 10-11, according to Superintendent Koreen Barreras-Brown.

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