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A letter to the community from Captain David Long of Colton Rural Fire Protection District 70

Can Emergency Responders find you?

Every day emergency responders are delayed because they cannot find the address they are dispatched for. Precious time is lost looking for the right driveway or access to the incident, especially in the dark or during adverse weather. At times, addresses are not in sequence and can cause confusion. 

"My address is right on the mail box" 

Can we see the numbers clearly 30 feet away? Is the mail box on the same side of the road as your home?  Is there more than one mail box?

"The address is on the house"   

Can we see the numbers from the road? Are the numbers reflective?  

Call 911, not the fire station in an emergency!  Calling the fire station will not save any time, but only delay our response to you. This will help in finding your location. 911 dispatchers will receive more detailed information as soon as they answer your call. If you call the fire station, we will have to retrieve as much information as we can then call 911, give the information to the dispatcher, then respond to your emergency.

Years ago, I had a lady call the fire station and she said, "Hi, this is Mary, well you better come up here. Bob is having bad chest pain. You know where we are third driveway past Wilson's barn," and hung up. I did not know Mary or Bob, and had no clue where Wilson's barn was!

Many responders are not from the local area, and may not know you or know where you have lived for the past 30 years.  

As our call volumes increase, service can be coming from further away and they just don't know the local area. 

To help us find you when you need us, the Colton Rural Fire District is offering new address signs.

Each sign is 4 1/2" X 30", aluminum construction, green background, with 2" X 4" white reflective numbers. A single-sided sign is $35 and a double-sided sign is $55. Single-sided signs are for roads that are dead end or where responders are coming from one direction, such as Elwood Road or Young Road. Double-sided signs are recommended for Highway 211, and roads like Oswalt and Wall Street. Every sign comes with the post, hardware and installation.  

-Captain David Long

>For more information call the Colton Rural Fire District at 503-824-2545. 

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