In design process to replace park equipment in Long Park and a new park on Mary Drive

Last April, Molalla's Operations Division conducted a series of focused meetings to identify problems and solutions for the city's municipal parks. They used a book titled "Theory of Constraints" by Eliyahu Goldratt as a framework to guide the discussions. The results have proven positive.

As of late July, the 15 undesirable effects that were identified in the initial analysis in April are gone. The tactical details were placed in a new administrative policy signed by City Manager Dan Huff. These include new hours for park restrooms, lockdown and investigation protocols and heavy cooperation with the Molalla Police Department.

The latter has been helpful in solving core problems in ways that can't be reported, but their work is notable. The entire process demonstrates what's possible when a high level of cooperation exists across an organization.

Among the new work they are doing, the operations group is in the process of readying conceptual design documents with a local parks company to replace equipment in Long Park and to provide equipment for a new park on Mary Drive. These will be open for public review once funding has been planned.

"There are some organization level achievements in this report that reflect very well on employees city-wide. We are grateful to be part of a city that is working so well together. We expect to be able to report further cooperation with the finance group in the coming months as they make strides, and also with the planning group as they begin to integrate some processes into our Enterprise Resource System. It's an exciting time, said Andy Peters, operations supervisor for the city.

In other news, Public Works Director Gerald Fisher issued a list of public and private projects his department is working on and how these align with City Council goals.

staff is mapping existing public easements for right of way, public utility easements, pipeline easements and storm water conveyance easements as time allows. Staff also is working on several individual home construction permits, pre-application projects for new developments, policy and procedure updates along with other department improvements.

COUORTESY PHOTO:CITY OF MOLALLA - There's a lot of work going on in Molalla as the Operations Division has dealt with a list of issues this summer. Here, a worker digs a trench for the water line at the Tractor Supply Store.

The Highway 213 speed reduction request to lower the speed to 35 mph within city limits was received July 24. This could go a long way to increasing safety along this roadway where crashes occur frequently.

There are 15 public capital projects currently underway by Public Works. These include shop facility Improvements, which have construction underway. The contractor is excavating for building footings. It is expected to be completed this December.

Council was expected to schedule the Water Treatment Plant's new Trident 2 MGD filtration plant's chemical and telemetry upgrades in late July. Construction is set to begin in October and completed by May 2020. The second phase of the project is the biosolids removal, which was imminent. The only thing holding it up was a wait on delivery of a polymer.

ODOT staff is to select a consultant for design work on Highways 211 and 213 and two other high priority areas. Construction improvements should begin in 2021. The intergovernmental agreement with ODOT has been executed and the city will match project funds with $10,013 or 7.78 percent.

Permits have been received for construction, and a consultant is waiting, for in-water work period for the Trout Creek monitoring station. Staff expects construction to be complete later this summer with flow monitoring during the following year. The project is expected to be totally complete by December 2020.

The contractor has begun Clark Park Sidewalk improvements, which are expected to be finished by mid-August, including paving. Construction has begun for Phase 1 of project 7 for Fenton Avenue Sewer and water improvements starting with the sewer main and laterals. These should be complete by the end of September.

The first phase of the pathway improvements for the pedestrian bridge will remove an old culvert crossing Bear Creek on Molalla Forest Road, recreating the natural stream conditions so that a pedestrian bridge can be constructed over the waterway like the crossing on Industrial Way. The design should begin later this summer.

Consent decree Compliance Reporting's first quarterly meeting was on June 5, earlier this summer. The next quarterly meeting is scheduled for Sept. 4. There were no violations reported this quarter, the supplemental environmental project is complete and all one-time deadline requirements for the Consent Decree were met by the city. This fulfills Council goal 2 and 3.

Other projects include the Waste Water Treatment Plant permit extension. The city, under DEQ direction, moved forward with a permit modification. DEQ later suspended the permit modification and directed Molalla to submit for a permit extension for the existing plant. A new permit application will be required when the new WWTP project is underway and they can issue a new permit for the new plant. The work done so far for the permit modification can be used for the new WWTP permit.

Staff also participated on the technical review committee at a meeting on June 6. Future meetings to be determined by district consultants.

There is a design of a signal underway as part of the conditions for the Cascade Center to be built on a large vacant area between Leroy Avenue and Hezzie Lane on Highway 211.

Three private projects are underway. The first is for Hezzie Lane subdivision, which is waiting for Highway 211 improvements to be completed. There was a preconstruction meeting in late July for Sawyer's Truck Repair and the permit was issued. The Tractor Supply Store at Highway 213 and Toliver Road needs to complete improvement plans in the ODOT review and those are underway. The night-time waterline tie-in and extension work was done in June and late July. The city anticipates improvements to be complete by the end of August.

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