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Aug. 28 Council meet to cover ordinances, the state clean air act and the winter banner project

Molalla City Council members will hold four public hearings at their Aug. 28 meeting. All four are in regard to ordinances. The first amends and updates of the Municipal Code language of Council work sessions and says that final decisions will not be made at work sessions.

Under new business, there is a recommendation for Molalla to have regulatory authority for certain aspects of second hand smoke. Although many cities within Oregon have adopted rules for using tobacco and other aerosol products in public places, such as parks, Molalla hasn't. The city received a complaint from an individual standing near another individual smoking at a sporting event in Clark Park.

After reviewing and discussing the Clean Air Act, Council members may want to ask staff for an ordinance or to choose a different option to move forward. This has no fiscal impact.

Also under new business, Council members are being asked for approval or direction on the Chamber of Commerce's Winter Banner project. The subject has been discussed previously. Staff would like the council to either approve or amend the memo of understanding or direct the city manager to sign the memo, a copy of which was attached.

The city currently doesn't have an active pretreatment program for industrial users connected to the city's wastewater system. But DEQ expects the city to have such a pretreatment program in place for industrial users. This code revision creates that program. The revision deletes and retitles language for an earlier section regarding preliminary treatment facilities and maintenance to restricted discharges and pretreatment. It also deletes and retitles other language that was revised and incorporated into new language.

A third ordinance repeals a chapter on industrial wastes control manhole and adds tests of wastes location and sampling. This ordinance refers to the maintenance for pretreatment or flow equalizing facilities to be continuously maintained to satisfactory and effective operation by owners at their own expense.

It also covers prohibited discharges including storm water, surface water, ground water, roof runoff, subsurface drainage, uncontaminated cooling water or water polluted industrial process waters to any sanitary sewer. Industrial users can't increase the use of potable or process water in any way to dilute wastewater to achieve compliance with this ordinance's standards.

The fourth and final ordinance repeals and replaces a chapter on general business licensing exemptions. The current code requires business licenses from consultants and contractors who perform work under contract with the city adding an additional cost to the city, which Molalla passes on by the business license for overhead and administrative fees. It also costs the city in staff time to process the business license.

City staff recommends reducing this cost by exempting consultants and contractors from requiring to purchase a city business license only for purposes of a public contract with the city.

The remaining portions of the agenda contains reports from the mayor City Councilors and the City Manager and staff.

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