Local residents submit photos of some of the damage caused by high winds last Friday

SUBMITTED PHOTO: AMANDA OGDEN  - Amanda Ogden submitted this photo of an uprooted tree on Virgil Road due to high winds in the area that caused similar damage throughout the
state last Friday.

On Friday, the winds howled into town, plowed down trees, brought down lots of limbs and branches. As the trees and limbs came down so did power lines. Most of Colton homes lost electricity, some for as few as 8 hours most for 11 to 24. There were still numerous homes without power Sunday and some projected to be without until possibly mid-week. Many in the community went without cable during the time as well. Coltontel said crews are out and working to restore services. Tree removal and PGE crews were here so long, they became friends. Community members began taking bottles of water and cookies out to share with those working to get Colton up and running again.

SUBMITTED PHOTO: VALERIE BRETZ  - Valerie Bretz submitted this photo of the remnants of an American Flag that was ripped right off the side of
a barn on Dhooge Road due to high winds in the area.

Colton volunteer firefighters, on Friday alone, responded to 10 calls of trees and power lines down as well as two fire alarm calls at both the elementary and middle schools. The fire department indicates that power outages have affected the alarms in the past, but there is no certainty that is what caused the alarms to sound during the storm. As luck would have it Colton schools were not in session this past Friday, school buses were not on the roads and students were not sitting in dark classrooms.

SUBMITTED PHOTO: MAUREEN RACZKO - Maurenn Raczko submitted this photo of a tree hanging on power lines over Wall Street in Colton.

But as Friday's wind left, Saturday showed up with heavy rain and hail at times and surprising one quick bout of snow flurries.

These photos were shared by local photographers out and about to catch some great shots of Colton where wind gusts were measured at over 50 mph, with rain, sun and surprising rainbows.

SUBMITTED PHOTO: K'S NURSERY  - A magnolia tree planted in 1969 by John Peterson for his wife, Avis split apart during the storm.

SUBMITTED PHOTO: DEAWN SEALS - A tree hangs over Green Mountain Road.

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