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PIONEER PHOTO: CINDY FAMA  - Colton High School Class of 2017

CHS Excellence

Colton High School held their annual Night of Excellence on Wednesday, June 7 to honor the achievements of students in the graduating class of 2017. The class has received approximately $300,000 in scholarship awards. This number is still being updated and the scholarship awards will be in next week's edition of Colton Corner.

The following awards were earned for recognition in education, athletics, music and citizenship.

Marine Corp Awards:

Distinguished Athlete Award: Rachel McCoy

Scholastic Excellence Award: Katherine Moore

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Ronald Woodward


School Awards:

CIM (certificate of initial mastery) Cords: Katyln Baker, Keenan Dinnell, Alexandria Ferguson, Monique Hendrickson, Megan Imdieke, Hunter McCorkle, Haley McCoy, Rachel McCoy, Erin Melcher, Katherine Moore, Bailey Naylor, Lilly Simmons, Madalyn Spitzer, Robert Stoddard, Abigail Syvinksi, Aaron Wimsatt, Ronald Woodward

CAM (certificate of advanced mastery) cords: Katlyn Baker, Gillian Browning, Keenan Dinnell, Monique Hendrickson, Megan Imdieke, Hunter McCorkle, Haley McCoy, Rachel McCoy, Katherine Moore, Bailey Naylor, Madalyn Spitzer, Robert Stoddard, Abigail Syvinksi, Aaron Wimsatt, Ronald Woodward,

American Red Cross cords: Monique Hendrickson, Hunter McCorkle

FFA cords: Gillian Browning, Keenan Dinnell, Alex Ferguson,Matthew Ellington, Sophie Schmidt, Robert Stoddard and Forrest Sytsma

PacWest Scholar Athlete: Katlyn Baker, Megan Imdieke, Noah Jennings, Hunter McCorkle, Haley McCoy, Rachel McCoy, Katherine Moore, Abigail Syvinksi, Logan Wallaert, Aaron Wimsatt, Ronald Woodward

Male Athlete of the Year: Ronald Woodward

Female Athlete of the Year: Rachel McCoy

Perfect Attendance: Emily Earls

Male Citizens of the Year: Hunter Poet and Robert Stoddard

Female Citizens of the Year: Monique Hendrickson and Lilly Simmons

Principal's Award: Shelby Marshall

Senior Boy of the Year: Aaron Wimsatt

Senior Girl of the Year: Rachel McCoy

Colton High School marks its 100th graduating class.

According to research done by John Chelsom, the Colton School building was erected during 1913 and 1914. The next two years the school had classes for students ages 6-17 and in 1917 the school had it's first two graduates, Carna Freeman and May Fellows in 1917. This year the school's 100th graduating class has 55 graduates.

The class of 2017

Before the commencement for the Colton High School Class of 2017 began on the evening of Saturday, June 10, the 55 soon-to-be graduates gathered in the CHS multipurpose room to put on their gowns and caps.

"These will be my lifelong friends," said senior Logan Wallaert as he looked over the room from his basketball height.

"It is really, truly special to know everyone," Lindy Lehr said. "Some on us have known each other for 13 years and this class has had open hearts accepting everyone who has come into the class through the years. We are a community of students and staff."

Graduate, Sophie Schmidt, said she encourages every student at CHS to participate in activities, but at the same time to remember their goals.

And that was the theme for the night, just how close the class is to each other, to their teachers and to the staff.

The class chose the motto, "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are foot prints on the moon." Class song was "Best Day of My Life" by the American Authors.

The four valedictorians, Rachel McCoy, Madalyn Spitzer, Aaron Wimsatt and Robert Stoddard, each touched on the fact that it was an amazing class to grow with, how much respect they have for their teachers and each other. They spoke of teachers, staff and friends encouraging each other to learn and find themselves and to the celebration of hard work in achievements. Stoddard spoke of teachers preparing the students for the "Alphabet Soup" (ACT, SAT, etc.).

The class had four salutatorians, Katlyn Baker, Hunter McCorkle, Haley McCoy and Erin Melcher. McCoy talked about the years at Colton schools and special memories. McCorkle spoke to family support for students and schools.

CHS math teacher Chris Escher was chosen by the class of 2017 to be the commencement speaker. His "famous sense of humor" was the base of his theme which touched on respect, raising to the challenge of obstacles, giving it your best shot with a good attitude-and because life isn't easy to remember that according to geometry not everything has a point.

Of the 55 student earning diplomas, 13 earned honors diplomas: Katlyn Baker, Megan Imdieke, Hunter McCorkle, Haley McCoy, Rachel McCoy, Erin Melcher, Katherine Moore, Baily Naylor, Madalyn Spitzer, Robert, Stoddard, Abigail, Syvinski, Aaron Wimsatt and Ronald Woodward. Foreign exchange students Ying-San Li of Taiwan and Karolina Wychech of Poland earned honorary diplomas.

At the end graduation, district superintendent Koreen Barreras-Brown certified the class of 2017 and mortarboards were thrown to the ceiling. The graduates, family, staff and friends gathered in the multipurpose room for photos and congratulations before the class got on the school bus, one last time, to go on the overnight graduation party.

In the reception area, newly graduated Hunter McCorkle pointed to the exit and said, "Out those doors is a parking lot, a yellow bus waiting to take us on a trip and then back to our cars and on to the future."

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