Hamlet Meeting

The Mulino Hamlet will meet on Thursday, March 20, at 7:15 p.m., at the Pilot's Lounge at the Mulino Airport. If you want to have an item put on the agenda, please contact Chairman Doug Hill at 503-205-1679 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At the beginning of the meeting, there will also be an opportunity to have an item discussed. If you live, own property or work in the Hamlet, you are welcome to come and get involved in the shaping of its future or help solve community problems. Currently the Hamlet Board of Directors is compiling a list of accomplishments that have taken place since the formation, to be submitted as per requested by the Board of County Commissioners. The Hamlet meeting would be a good time to share your experiences and add things to the list.

Mulino Café update

Several weeks ago it was reported that the Mulino Hangar Café was going to close its doors. After five years trying to make a go of it, the owners needed to put the Café up for sale to pay off their debts on the café. It went up for auction at Clackamas County, but no one offered a bid at the opening price. So now, the major debt holder will, by default, take possession of the land and building. What they are going to do with the Mulino Café at this point is unknown.

Mulino School information

The Spring Bazaar was a big success this past weekend. A wide variety of vendors were on hand, including a woman who made homemade bagels, hand crocheted children's clothing, homemade soap, jewelry, stationary and other interesting items. The next big project for the Mulino Parent Group (MPG) is the Spring Fundraiser, an opportunity to order your spring hanging baskets, flowers for planting and vegetable starts. More information will be coming on how to place an order for these very healthy, locally grown plants.

For anyone in the community who would like to help financially support the children's programs at Mulino School, the MPG recommends signing up for the Community Rewards Program at Fred Meyer. Go to and search for them by name or by their number, 91022. After that, every time you shop at Fred Meyer and use your rewards card, you will automatically be giving a donation to the MPG. This program in no way interferes with your rewards points, fuel points or rebates.

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