After racing Malik Knott as a sophomore and Juma Sei as a senior, Rasor hopes race in college

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP PHOTO: PHIL HAWKINS - Evan Rasor was the fastest Colton runner in the 100-, 200-, and 400- meter dashes this past season. Colton—Evan Rasor spent his days at Colton High School competing against the best the state had to offer. Routinely making the state championships in the sprinting events, Rasor pushed himself to beat the best.

As a sophomore, he competed against fellow Colton athlete Malik Knott in the finals of the state 200-meter dash, and came in third place while his fellow Viking took the gold. That particular race stuck with Rasor, who looked up to Knott.

"I always wanted to run at state with him, and I didn't make the 100 in districts my sophomore year," Rasor said, "and then he didn't do the 400, so we had the 200 together for finals. He got first, I got third. That was probably my favorite because I got to run with him at state and I always wanted to do that."

As a junior and a senior, he was bested by Catlin Gabel speed demon Juma Sei. It's not that finishing in the top three runners in the state wasn't a laudable feat, but Rasor did want to grab state gold by the time he graduated. It's one of the regrets he carries with him out of high school.

"My goal was to beat (Sei), but it was almost impossible knowing he was like 20th in the nation in the 400," Rasor said. "He runs like a low 47, a 47.1. I tried. He's going to Yale, too, for track, so I don't feel too bad because he's a D1 athlete. I still wanted to beat him, but it wasn't super close that I could have had it, but I tried."

Rasor was a three sport athlete. In the winter, he participated for Colton's basketball team and made it to the first round of the state playoffs there. In the spring his freshman through junior year, Rasor doubled up on sports, playing baseball and competing for the track team as well. His senior year, Rasor focused solely on track to improve his times, but wonders how much better he could have been if he sprinted all four years.

"I started baseball in the first and second grade, and I played all the way up until my junior year and then I decided to just do track my senior year," Rasor said. "I dual-sported all of high school, baseball and track. They let me do both. I didn't go to track practices though my freshman and junior years. I would go to baseball practices and then go to the meets. This year I just did track. I thought, I felt like I would have done better just going to track practices, but I didn't get that much better, speed-wise."

Despite his perceived limited improvements, Rasor actually did noticeably better. He set personal records in the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash with times of 11.11 seconds and 22.67 seconds. Both records came at the state meet in Eugene on Friday, May 18.

Since graduating from Colton High, Rasor has been reaching out to smaller colleges to see about pursuing track and field at the post-secondary level. It is at this moment though up in the air.

"I'm not sure what events I would be doing," Rasor said. "I talked to the Lane last week, and he said he liked my 400 time, and he would try to work with me on that. I've always wanted to do relays and stuff like that because we've never really had a good relay at Colton. I've always wanted to the 4x100, 4x400, and 400 and something like that. Maybe the 200 too because that's my favorite race. Probably my second best too."

The goal from here on out is to continue to compete against the best, and increasingly more difficult competition. It can't be helped, it's just who Rasor is as a person.

"I compete because I've always loved sports and the competitive nature," Rasor said. "I enjoy seeing what everyone has, and going out there and doing your best. Doing all that."

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