Molalla Athletic Director Todd Moore wants to renew interest in Molalla's athletic history

FILE PHOTO - Molalla High School logoIt's been a long while since someone was inducted into the Molalla High School Athletic Hall of Fame. While it has continued to exist, for one reason or another it has not been actively recognizing the athletic achievements of Molalla High School athletes.

Athletic director Todd Moore wants to change that.

Moore has invited handful of community members to the high school to help plan and organize the future of the Hall of Fame. That meeting will take place on Thursday, Dec. 6.

There are six items that the invited individuals will go over to help build on what is in place: developing criteria for future inductees, when the inductees will be announced and inducted, contacting current Hall of Famers and building up a database and communication infrastructure, seeking non-profit status for the Hall of Fame (and building a board of directors), putting a walking tour of the current Hall of Fame together with other Molalla trophies, and collecting, recording, and preserving Molalla High School Athletic History on the Athletic Webpage.

Moore has done this sort of thing before while he was the athletic director at Henley High School.

"I was fortunate to be deeply involved in the starting of the Henley High School Hall of Fame in 2011 when I was AD there," Moore said. "It is truly one of the highlights of my career and I am so proud that the committee and Henley Hall of Fame are still going strong. I still correspond with the chair of that committee to this day."

Below is Moore's vision for the Athletic Hall of Fame:

- Have a meaningful weekend every year and first-class induction ceremony that bring folks back to Molalla to share their memories and reconnect with old teachers, coaches, friends, and teammates.

- Have our Athletic History on display for folks to see (especially visitors) when they come to our campus. This display will impress our visitors and inspire young and old alike to be proud to be a Molalla Indian.

- Have a Trophy and Hall of Fame display worthy of our history and Hall of Famers. To have it displayed in a way that draws people in and that allows them to linger.

- Have a Hall of Fame induction process that includes all living Hall of Famers with a chance to vote for new members and to support the Hall of Fame with time, talent, or treasure.

- Have our athletic history recorded and available for everyone around the world to see via the school website.

- Have the committee to be able to raise the funds through donations and grants to design and create the Hall of Honor, have a first class dinner, and eventually to provide a Hall of Fame Scholarship for the Outstanding Male and Outstanding Female Senior Athlete each year.

If you have any interest in being a part of the Hall of Fame, or have any questions about the upcoming meeting, contact Todd Moore at Molalla High School, or via email.

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