Several people with connection to MHS athletic history met with Moore to discuss the hall of fame

FILE PHOTO - Molalla High School logoThe second meeting in the reconstruction of Molalla High School's hall of fame took place Tuesday, Feb. 12 and a sense of direction is becoming clearer. Attendees Bill and Pat Rivers, Joe Templeton, and Charlie Williams discussing next steps with Molalla athletics director Todd Moore.

The discussion revolved around four central topics: criteria for hall of fame nomination, contacting the Molalla Alumni Association for contact information, spreading the word of the hall of fame's reconstruction via social media, and thoroughly researching the school's athletic history.

A big part of the next step of Molalla's hall of fame recreation is to make the current hall of fame available to a wider audience, mainly by adding what already exists to the schools website.

Next month's meeting will review a list of the current hall of famers and compile contact information on them; continue to make progress on compiling year-by-year program coaches and records, and continue to develop the hall of fame's mission through discussion.

The attendees of the most recent meeting say that they are involved with long process of building the hall of fame back up because it means something to recognize those involved.

"There's been a lot of coaches, AD's, and kids that gave a lot to the school," Bill Rivers said. Rivers was a coach, teacher, and statistician for the school for a number of years. "All memories are fleeting, but they deserve to be remembered."

"I want their history to be told," Todd Moore said. "I want these people, the current teachers and coaches and students, to know more about what is created and what we have here. They're playing on soccer fields, and we don't know who built them. But somebody did, somebody cleared those bushes. Somebody built that crow's nest. There's stories behind everything, and I want to make sure the story is told."

While the plans are getting made and important people with knowledge of the schools past are being reached out to, progress is slow going. But, when you're digging through the entirety of a school's history, it's no surprise that progress will be measured.

"It's not going to be a fast process, and it shouldn't be if it's going to last," Moore said. "There's going to be conversations, and interaction, and it will take time to take hold. We'll keep doing it every month and keep doing it until we have break through's. I don't think any of us can say what our timeline will be, I think it's too far down the line. But we're going to get there."

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