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Colton's Dally Wheeler sets district record in first Tri-River Valley meet.

High school equestrians in the area are back in the saddle. The Tri-River Valley league of the Oregon High School Equestrian Teams held its first meet April 15-18 at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds.

"We would like to give a big thank you to OHSET volunteers that worked tirelessly these last few months to ensure we could have a meet during COVID," said Christina Morgan, Colton OHSET adviser. "It was a lot of hard work and would not have been possible without their dedication to the sport and athletes."

Pitted in the league against larger schools such as Tualatin, Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, West Linn, Tigard and more, both Colton's and Molalla's teams put in a good showing.

Colton's Dally Wheeler took first place in four different individual events and set a district record in Figure 8 at 18.078. Tina Reed had a great day, too, snagging first in in-hand trail, second in driving and second in individual flags.

COURTESY PHOTO - Colton's Dally Wheeler competes and wins first place in the barrels contest at the first Tri-River Valley OHSET meet.

The Molalla team did well, too. At the team level, Molalla took first in the Canadian Flag Race with team members Brooke King, Lizbeth Beteran Munoz, Chloe Corless and Emma King participating.

"They went out there and in every team event, they came together as a family cheering each other on and pushing each other to succeed at their highest level," said Kristina Fox, who keeps stats for the Molalla OHSET team. "… They put their heart and soul into every practice and brought that plus all the excitement to this meet."

Overall, Molalla placed third behind Oregon City and Wilsonville; and Colton placed fourth.

The Colton and Molalla results for the meet are as follows. For the full results, visit

Western Horsemanship:

7th: Kamryn Linder, Molalla

10th: Eliana Humphrey, Molalla


3rd: Taylor Berreth, Molalla


2nd: Tina Reed, Colton

Two-Man Birangle:

5th: Tina Reed and Kori Roberts, Colton

7th: Kianna Fox and Emma King, Molalla

8th: Brooke King & Chloe Corless, Molalla

10th: Lizbeth Beteran Munoz and Brianna Byrne-Groshong, Molalla

15th: Eliana Humphrey and Kamryn Linder, Molalla

16th: Brooklyn Nagle and Taylor Berreth, Molalla

17th: Kenzie Prock and Theo Nunn, Molalla

Canadian Flag Race:

1st: Brooke King, Lizbeth Beteran Munoz, Chloe Corless and Emma King, Molalla

4th: Dally Wheeler, Tina Reed, Harmony Wassom and Izzy English, Colton

6th: Theo Nunn, Brooklyn Nagle, Kamryn Linder & Katherine Nunn, Molalla

7th: Brianna Byrne-Groshong, Taylor Berreth, Eliana Humphrey & Kianna Fox, Molalla

COURTESY PHOTO - Harmony Wassom, of Colton, competes in pole bending at the meet April 15-18.

Pole Bending:

1st: Dally Wheeler, Colton

4th: Eliana Humphrey, Molalla

10th: Lizbeth Beteran Munoz, Molalla

11th: Izzy English, Colton

14th: Brianna Byrne-Groshong, Molalla

15th: Harmony Wassom, Colton

16th: Brooke King, Molalla

17th: Emma King, Molalla

20th: Chloe Corless, Molalla

21st: Kamryn Linder, Molalla

23rd: Kenzie Prock, Molalla

24th: Kori Roberts, Colton

Figure 8:

1st: District Record 18.078 - Dally Wheeler, Colton

4th: Chloe Corless, Molalla

5th: Emma King, Molalla

6th: Izzy English, Colton

8th: Brooke King, Molalla

11th: Kianna Fox, Molalla

12th: Harmony Wassom, Colton

15th: Kori Roberts, Colton

17th: Brooklyn Nagle, Molalla

20th: Tina Reed, Colton

22nd: Taylor Berreth, Molalla

25th: Kamryn Linder, Molalla

26th: Lizbeth Beteran Munoz, Molalla

27th: Kenzie Prock, Molalla

30th: Katherine Nunn, Molalla


3rd: Chloe Corless, Molalla

5th: Brooke King, Molalla

8th: Kori Roberts, Colton

10th: Kianna Fox, Molalla

11th: Brooklyn Nagle, Molalla

14th: Kenzie Prock, Molalla

15th: Taylor Berreth, Molalla

16th: Kamryn Linder, Molalla

20th: Katherine Nunn, Molalla


1st: Dally Wheeler, Colton

5th: Chloe Corless, Molalla

11th: Brooke King, Molalla

12th: Harmony Wassom, Colton

14th: Eliana Humphrey, Molalla

16th: Kianna Fox, Molalla

17th: Emma King, Molalla

21st: Kori Roberts, Colton

23rd: Brianna Byrne-Groshong, Molalla

26th: Kamryn Linder, Molalla

27th: Taylor Berreth, Molalla

30th: Kenzie Prock, Molalla

31st: Izzy English, Colton

COURTESY PHOTO - Colton's Tina Reed competes in steer daubing.

Steer Daubing:

1st: Theo Nunn, Molalla

2nd: Izzy English, Colton

4th: Tina Reed, Colton

Individual Flags:

1st: Dally Wheeler, Colton

2nd: Tina Reed, Colton

3rd: Kori Roberts, Colton

4th: Harmony Wassom, Colton

7th: Brooke King, Molalla

10th: Emma King, Molalla

11th: Brianna Byrne-Groshong, Molalla

14th: Lizbeth Beteran Munoz, Molalla

Team Sorting:

4th: Lizbeth Beteran Munoz and Emma King, Molalla

5th: Dally Wheeler and Izzy English, Colton

6th: Kianna Fox and Chloe Corless, Molalla

8th: Brianna Byrne-Groshong and Eliana Humphrey, Molalla

10th: Kenzie Prock and Theo Nunn, Molalla

11th: Brooke King and Taylor Berreth, Molalla


5th: Eliana Humphrey, Molalla

10th: Theo Nunn, Molalla

In-hand Trail:

1st (tie): Tina Reed, Colton

3rd: Taylor Berreth, Molalla

COURTESY PHOTO - Colton's in-hand obstacle relay team, pictured here, took second in the competition.

IHOR (In-Hand Obstacle Relay):

2nd: Tina Reed, Dally Wheeler, Kori Roberts and Izzy English, Colton

5th: Kianna Fox, Eliana Humphrey, Theo Nunn and Taylor Berreth, Molalla


2nd: Kianna Fox, Brooke King, Emma King, Chloe Corless, Brianna Byrne-Groshong, Taylor Berreth, Kamryn Linder and Lizbeth Beteran Munoz, Molalla

Working Pairs:

2nd: Kianna Fox and Eliana Humphrey, Molalla

3rd (tie):Taylor Berreth and Kamryn Linder, Molalla


11th: Eliana Humphrey, Molalla

Team Versatility:

3rd (tie): Brooke King, Theo Nunn, Lizbeth Beteran Munoz and Kamryn Linder, Molalla

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