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What can your business gain from a professionally designed website? A lot, as it turns out.

Ian MonihanToday, more and more consumers use the Internet to search for the products and services they need. We now live in a ROBO world, where people do their research online before going into a store and buying offline.

That's why your business' first impression is so important. And that first impression starts with your business' website. Consumers will pass judgement and decide whether or not to even visit your store, restaurant, or office, all without ever stepping foot in your business. Deliver a bad website experience, and you're likely to be dismissed entirely.

If you've been considering implementing a website for your business, NOW is the time. Here are four important benefits from a well designed website that will help you grow your business.

1. Business Discovery—Your customers are relying on the Internet to locate and evaluate local goods and services. Don't get left out of the conversation. A website gives you the tools to showcase your business and what you have to offer. It is also the first sales interaction you will have with your customer; without a website, you are missing out on opportunities to grow your brand, your market, and your sales.

2. Business Credibility—A professionally designed website goes a long way in establishing your business' credibility. In fact, improving upon and creating a mobile-friendly site will improve your ranking on Search Engine Result Pages, meaning customers will see your site FIRST when they search for a local product or service you provide. A dedicated web presence provides your customers with information about your company, gives your customers an outlet to reach you at, and helps assure them that you will be around when they need you.

3. Business Trust/Relatability—Your site tells a story about you and your business. Use this story to show how your product or service can benefit the lives of your customers. While a bad site will literally make your business look bad, a good site will help you foster a relationship with your customers and personalize your business experience. By creating and maintaining a professionally designed business website, you can both build and strengthen the relationship of trust between you and your audience.

4. Business Sales Tool—Consumers today like to window shop, so give them something to look at! Your business' website is a great tool to provide information and pricing on products and services, introduce special offers and rates, and create compelling calls to action that help to nurture consumers through the sales process. Best of all, by making your products and services available online, your website can help you expand the market of your business, create more sales, more sales opportunities, and develop a contact database that will help you stay connected to customers.

Having a great website for your business is no longer a "nice to have"; it is a "must have" element of being in business. Don't put your business at a competitive disadvantage; reap the benefits of a professionally designed website today!

For more information about website design, feel free to give Ian Monihan a call at 971-204-7780 or send him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It's more affordable than you think!

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