Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" at MHS

by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Puritan villagers at the bedside of a delerious patient, from left, Kaylee Dymtryk, Mirian Fisher, Monica Nagell, Stephanie Ferrer, Hauk Arngrimsson. Front, Carina Miller, Hannah Haugen and Debra Fisher.

   Arthur Miller's exciting drama "The Crucible" will be presented by the Madras High School Drama program March 5 and 7, in the school cafetorium.
   Winner of the 1953 Tony Award for best play, "The Crucible" is about the Puritan purge of witchcraft in 1692 Salem, Mass. This is an historical play as well as a parable of contemporary society.
   The plot features a young farmer, played by Adam Behrends, his wife, played by Athena Wollin, and a 17-year-old servant girl, played by Monica Nagell, who maliciously causes the wife's arrest for witchcraft.
   The farmer brings the girl to court to admit the lie, but instead of saving his wife, the court goes on a witch hunt, condemning several to death and accusing many others of witchcraft, including the farmer.
   How will it all turn out? To find out attend the play at 7 p.m., Friday, March 5, or 2 p.m. matinee, Sunday, March 7. Tickets are $5 per person.
   Director Dorian Haugen noted producing this play was an extra challenge, because, with the high school under construction, the classrooms normally used for dressing and makeup rooms and prop storage were not available. All the scenery and furniture had to be kept in the stage wings along with the large cast of actors.
   But believing the show must go on, Haugen's ability to deal with that problem is an example of the creativity of the fine arts.
   The cast of characters are:
   Stephanie Ferrer as Martha and Sarah Good, Hannah Haugen as Betty Parris, Haukur Arngrimsson as the Rev. Samuel Parris, Carina Miller as Tituba, Monica Nagell as Abigail Williams, Stephanie Ferrer as Susanna Wallcott, Kathaleen Green as Mrs. Ann Putnum, William Ward as Thomas Putnam, Miriam Fisher as Mercy Lewis, Kaylee Dymtryk as Mary Warren, Adam Behrends as John Proctor, Debra Raymond as Rebecca Nurse, Jason Halstead as Giles Corey, Kris Morgan as the Rev. John Hale, Athena Wollin as Elizabeth Proctor, Kenny Wollam as Francis Nurse, Nick Hamilton as Ezekiel Cheever, Nels Gillett as John Willard, Jon Hagen as Judge Hawthorne, Reid Ashwill as Deputy Gov. Danforth.
   The backstage crew includes costume director Stephen Krause, props director Megan Halstead, stage director Tom Summers, light director Micheal Krenowicz, and makeup by Kalisha Phillips.