by: SUBMITTED - As Oregon's state winner, Madras eighth-grader Carly Breach will head to the National History Day competition in Washington, D.C. this summer.Jefferson County Middle School eighth-grader Carly Breach, the only student from this area who competed in the state level of the National History Day contest, May 4, in Portland, has been named the state winner.

Teacher Courtney Lupton explained that the Oregon Historical Society sponsored the contest for years. But when it’s funding was cut, the contest fell by the wayside.

With some funding returning, Lupton said, “This is their first full year back, and we have 16 competitors in the whole state. We started the contest in 1994-95 and it got really big for a while. Now, we’re building it back up.”

The theme this year is “Turning Points In History.” Students must do original research and produce a project to enter.

Breach chose to research the notorious Triangle Garment Factory fire of 1911, which killed women and children who were employed at the factory.

“I was inspired by how many elements (the fire) brought together and how it changed us in the U.S.,” she said, noting the fire happened in New York City.

“It was interesting, because many laws were made after the fire for safer conditions for workers in the U.S. But now, more of our work is being sent overseas where the conditions are exactly the same (as when the fire happened),” Breach observed.

Breach will now continue on the the national level contest in Washington, D.C., and will be doing fundraising for a parent to accompany her on the trip.

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