Board appoints new member

At Monday night's meeting of the Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association, the first order of business of what would be a two-hour and 15-minute meeting was to elect John Williams to the vacancy on the board created by the resignation of Vice President Kit Henderson.

Henderson recently resigned to move to Florida for personal reasons. Her replacement as vice president, Director Vene Dunham, was elected several weeks ago in a special homeowners association board meeting, creating the board vacancy, which Williams will fill until the September elections.

Williams is also the Special Roads District secretary. There was no mention about how his new role as board director will affect his Special Roads District position.

The next 35 minutes of the meeting was devoted to what to do about someone who has taken up residence on a vacant lot in a trailer that has no running water, septic system or electricity. The lot is reputedly full of trash and garbage, which has attracted rats, but nobody on the board seemed to have a clue of whether or not he owns the lot he is occupying or what to do about him.

Finally, Director Jim Martin suggested that a lawyer be engaged to write him an eviction letter in no uncertain terms for violating county code. If he refuses to obey it, the next recourse will be to take him to court.

From that point on, the meeting dealt with a year’s purchase of gravel for the roads, a report on the summer rec program, a reallocation of capital reserve money and a lengthy report on the activities of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Review Committee by its chairman, Stu Steinberg. The committee’s mission is to see that infractions of the Ranch codes are either corrected or receive appropriate fines and punishment. The committee seems to have its hands full with violators, including the aforementioned individual in the messy trailer.

Ranch Administrator Judy LaPora gave an upbeat report on her domain, reporting past due collections had made progress and were nearly cleaned up and dues notices were all prepared for mailing.

She also reported that the 15th green of the golf course had been badly torn up, allegedly by two young female teenagers on horses who caused considerable damage and a large expense to fix. That prompted lengthy debate about who is allowed to use the corral and how a similar destructive act could be prevented in the future. Nobody suggested going after the parents or guardians of the two teenagers to pay for the damage they incurred.

There was a short discussion on whether to change the time and/or day of the two monthly board meetings of the HOA board. After looking at the pros and cons of alternative times and dates, it was decided to stand pat with the current schedule for the time being.

Just before adjournment, HOA President Ben Johnson announced that the Ranch nominating committee had secured five nominations to run in the board election in September. The Architectural Review Committee is still short of candidates to fill the seven vacancies in its ranks. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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