The 509-J School District’s budget of $74.77 million for the 2013-14 fiscal year was approved at Monday night’s board of directors’ meeting.

The budget includes $31,906,705 for the general fund, $5,898,445 for the special revenue fund, $3,603,107 for debt service, $67,431,173 in the capital project fund, and $7,346,329 in unappropriated and reserve funds.

The approval imposed taxes in the amount of $4.58 per $1,000 of assessed property value for the permanent rate tax, and the $2,876,800 of debt service on general obligation bonds (less than $3 per assessed value, rate varies).

Superintendent Rick Molitor reported on Madras High School construction, “Work is really starting to happen after the stadium was burned.” He said the Warm Springs K-8 building is also continuing to move forward on time.

On July 2, Molitor and others from 509-J will travel to the Seattle Northwest Securities office to sell the bonds for the Warm Springs school. The bad news, he said, was that interest rates are increasing and bond rates are not good right now.

On the hiring of a new principal for the Warm Springs school, Molitor said the three final candidates were interviewed, but no one was hired. “It came out pretty clear that none of the three were suitable for the principal’s position. We hope to get the right person for the job and will take the time to do that,” he said. The position will be readvertised.

Under personnel, three first-year probationary teachers were hired, Kelly Daly at MHS, and Kayla Krumvieda and Megan Williams at Madras Primary; and one second-year probationary teacher, Amy Kestek, was hired for Madras Primary.

The resignation of Suzanne Yecha, a Title 1A teacher at Buff Intermediate, was approved.

For coaching and advisor positions, Allen Hair was hired as the junior class advisor, and Stacey Bennett and Samantha Dominiak, both as assistant volleyball coaches, all at MHS. Hair resigned his position as sophomore class advisor.

Molitor suggested the board develop a policy on how a school selects a name, school colors and a mascot to prepare for the naming of the new Warm Springs school. An example policy from Redmond involves the community, but the board makes the final decision.

Board members decided to table the discussion until they had more time to look at the options.

In other business:

• The district renewed its agreement with the Madras Police Department to provide a school resource officer.

• An agreement between 509-J and the city of Madras was renewed for the city to do the upkeep on the grounds at the Westside building for another year.

• The agreement for the Big Muddy Ranch to provide school space for 509-J was continued.

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