Culver School District will make another attempt to pass a bond levy in November, according to Superintendent Stefanie Garber.

In the May 21 election, a $9.75 million bond for facility and heating system upgrades, safety concerns, and expansion property payments failed by 60 votes.

“The list was down to bare bones, but we will examine it one more time to see if we can reduce it any further,” Garber said, adding, “The board is committed to providing safe facilities for our students.”

“One thing we learned from the last go-around was that there is still a lot of misinformation out there," she said. "One myth is that there are a ton of students from out of district attending here.”

Garber said students have transferred both in and out of the Culver district, and when both sides are looked at, she said, “The difference is we have 18 more kids in grades K-12 attending, and the state money follows them.”

Other myths are circulating about the $1.9 million owed on property the district purchased in 2008 for future expansion.

“There is misinformation about who owned it and that it was a moneymaking venture for some local farmers,” Garber said, adding, “Shareholders own it now, so the bond would be paying back shareholders – not any local people.”

Since the last failure of the bond, she said several people have called to offer advice, and have also come in for tours. “They can’t believe their eyes when they see the condition, because the buildings still look good on the exterior, and they have changed their minds,” she said. The district will still arrange tours for any group wishing one.

In August, Garber said the district will form another advisory committee, and urged anyone interested in being on it to contact the district office at 541-546-2541.

“We will gather again and look at the list of needs, but I don’t anticipate they will change all that much,” she said.

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