Madras receives nearly $1 million in grants for industrial site

by: HOLLY M. GILL - Northwest Hess Street, near Bright Wood, is one of three roads in the Madras Industrial Site that will be repaved in the spring. The city received grant money to improve Hess and Canal streets, which have already failed, and Mill Street, which is in poor shape.With nearly $1 million in grants, the city of Madras is poised to begin road repairs and rail improvements at the Madras Industrial Site.

For the paving project, the city received an Immediate Opportunity Fund Grant for $235,264.25 from the Oregon Department of Transportation, and expects to spend about $76,547.50 in city funds, as well as about $19,500 in labor by city crews.

As part of the project, Hess, Canal and Mill streets will all be repaved. The city awarded the paving project to 7 Peaks Paving, of Bend.

Hess and Canal streets, which have already failed, according to Jeff Hurd, Madras Public Works Department director, will be pulverized.

"A big grinder tears it up in place and turns it into gravel," he explained. "It's a real quick, easy reconstruction time — two days rather than a couple weeks."

Among the advantages of pulverizing the old pavement in place are saving the time and cost of digging the old pavement out and hauling it off.

"You can drive on it immediately; it's just like driving on gravel," said Hurd, noting that the roads will remain open. "You pave right over it, and you're done."

The contractor will start the project in March or early April, and have it completed by the end of June.

by: HOLLY M. GILL - City crews are working to build up and compact ground for a railroad spur next to Wilbur-Ellis, which will serve the Madras Industrial Site. The city was awarded a grant to fund most of the cost.West Rail Construction Co., of Vancouver, Wash., was awarded the contract for building a rail spur next to Wilbur-Ellis, and rehabilitation of the rail crossings in the industrial site.

The rail spur, to be located just north of Cherry Lane, at Wilbur-Ellis, will allow the fertilizer company to bring in bulk rail delivery of fertilizer for the first time — a benefit to local growers.

The city was awarded two grants for the $921,117 project — a $619,020 grant from ODOT's ConnectOregon IV program, and an ODOT Rail Rehabilitation Grant of $141,101. The county is chipping in $140,532 it receives from the state for roads, and the city will spend an estimated $20,464.

"It will benefit Wilbur-Ellis and all the industrial users," said Hurd. "It improves all the crossings."

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