Illegal kennel operation

by: HOLLY M. GILL - Steve Drynan, director of the Three Rivers Humane Society, tries to coax over several dogs the facility took in from an illegal kennel operation. Three Rivers took in 29 small dogs from the operation.Over the past week, 30 dogs have been seized from an illegal dog kennel, operating in the Culver area.

On Saturday, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, assisted by two inmates, the Three Rivers Humane Society and volunteers, took possession of the dogs, primarily Maltese Yorkies, from a resident on Southwest Park Lane in Culver, Shirley Joan Sharp, who agreed to give up the dogs.

"Basically, they were in very small kennels, with multiple dogs in the kennels," said Steve Drynan, director of the Humane Society.

Although the dogs had been properly fed, they had health and grooming needs, and one was in such bad shape that they had to put it down, he said.

by: HOLLY M. GILL - A pair of Maltese Yorkies await processing at the Three Rivers Humane Society on Saturday.At the Humane Society, they were given shots, weighed, checked for overall health, and groomed.

"The first five (taken in over a week ago) were the worst," said Drynan. "They had to be anesthetized and shaved down because of the mats. They have been spayed and neutered and one's already been adopted."

The kennel was discovered by Steve Keever, dog control deputy for the sheriff's office, who has begun inspecting local kennels.

"The conditions were very poor," Keever recalled. "You walk into the building and your eyes and nose burn because of the ammonia. She was just overloaded with dogs and couldn't care for them in the way that they needed to be."

Charges against Sharp were waived through an agreement with law enforcement and the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.

"She had to get rid of the kennel but was allowed four personal dogs, just like anyone else in the county," said Keever.

The county currently has only one licensed kennel. "The rest were supposed to have been licensed by March 1," he said.

Kennels must be approved by the County Planning Commission, and then licensed at the sheriff's office.

With the addition of the kennel dogs, Drynan said the Humane Society was up to 72 dogs. The kennel dogs included a female dog with five puppies that are now in foster care.

"They did a great job coming out with the inmates who helped us get the dogs in the carriers and back to the shelter and helped us unload," said Drynan, who praised Keever's work in the new position. "Steve has done a wonderful job with it."

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