Madras police were actively extinguishing the fire when the Jefferson County Fire Department arrived.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - A stove was destroyed in a cooking fire in a duplex on Southwest Second Street on Jan. 16.A kitchen fire in a two-story townhome-style duplex on Southwest Second Street was reported by occupants Jan. 16.

Firefighters were dispatched to the duplex at 7:49 p.m. and found a stove fire. The occupants safely made it out of the home, without injury.

Damage was limited to the kitchen area of the home, according to Jefferson County Fire Chief Brian Huff.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - The Jan. 16 cooking fire spread from the stove to the microwave, wall and ceiling."The fire occurred while the occupants were attempting to fry some French fries on the stove using cooking oil," he said. "A flareup occurred and escaped the stove area, damaging the microwave directly above the stove, the cabinets on either side of the microwave and the wall and ceiling directly above the stove."

"Madras police were first on scene and were actively extinguishing the fire upon arrival of firefighters, making our job easier by keeping the fire small," said Huff. "Firefighters finished extinguishing the fire and performed salvage and overhaul operations by removing smoke and damaged items from the structure."

Four staff members and three volunteers responded to the fire, with two engines and a duty rig. Another four were on standby at the Culver Fire Station.

"We removed the stove and checked for extension in the cupboard; the sheetrock did what it was supposed to do and helped prevent the fire from spreading," said Capt. Casey Skaar.

Firefighters, assisted by Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services, were on scene for about an hour. The occupants were able to remain in the structure overnight.

The duplex, which had an estimated $5,000 in damage to the structure and an additional $2,000 to the contents, is owned by F&S Newport LLC, and managed by Willow Canyon Properties.

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