The Madras Redevelopment Commission to select the most promising proposals.

FILE PHOTO - Madras is seeking a brewpub.The possibility of a brewpub or brewery in Madras is coming closer to reality this week, as a committee of the Madras Redevelopment Commission started the interview process.

Four applicants responded to the city's unusual plan to offer incentives for a brewpub or brewery to locate within the city's urban renewal district, which is overseen by the MRC. The city has offered assistance ranging from $200,000-$500,000 for the proposal it selects.

On April 2 and 4, the committee was set to interview the applicants, which include two from Oregon and two from outside of Oregon, according to Nick Snead, director of the Madras Community Development Department. The proposals were all submitted to the city by the March 16 deadline.

"Then, on May 2, the applicants will come present to the full commission," said Snead, who is not yet revealing either the names of the applicants or the plans.

The idea for recruiting a brewery dated back to 2015, when the MRC updated its Urban Renewal Action Plan, with participation from more than 300 local people. The city's urban renewal district runs through the city's core. The top priority for the community was a department store, followed by a brewery.

While the city is recruiting a brewpub, "What we're really recruiting is the economic activity that goes with it," Snead said in March.

"When we select, they're going to figure out where they want to locate and figure out what kind of financial assistance they're going to need," he noted.

The city's incentive package and business opportunity can be viewed online at, or on the city's website at For more information, contact Snead at 541-325-0304 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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