The first set of local twins was born at Mountain View Hospital to Larry and Sue Sullivan in May 1968.

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May 9, 1918

The Red Cross recognizes neither party, nor race, nor creed. It is worldwide in scope and humane in purpose. It has no political, nor economic ends to serve. It only asks where it can be helpful to men and women by some sudden disaster or caught in the ordeal of war. There it finds its place and opportunity. There it springs to serve mankind.

The Red Cross is the Great Neighbor. It treats every man as a brother, and asks no return. If the world of toiling people is made a little more comfortable, a little happier, a little stronger for the struggle of life through its effort, the Red Cross is content. And while it is not affiliated exclusively with any religious body, it is essentially a lay brotherhood and sisterhood of all denominations, putting in practice the teachings of all religions — unselfish service and good deeds. The works of mercy, which it is banded together to accomplish, are the result and evidence of its noble sincerity and inspiring faith.

In the great emergency of the present war, the Red Cross is doubly enlisted. In all it does to help us win, it is helping to save and maintain those ideals of faithfulness and honor, kindness and loyalty on which its own existence rests.

And every man, woman, and child who realizes this — realizes the peril we are in — and who can help the Great Cause in no other way, can at least support the generous efforts of the Red Cross. It is the best equipped agency in the world to bring succor in the day when only organized and well directed help can avail. Josephus Daniels


May 6, 1943

Search is being made by local and state officers for an insane man who was taken off Tuesday evening's southbound bus. This alleged man became violent as the stage left Maupin and caused considerable trouble to passengers and driver. He was forcibly removed about a mile north of the pump house.

Carl Darar, plowing near the John Lee place, saw him and thought he acted suspicious and went back later to see if he had bothered around the tractor, taking gas. Carl then decided he was a drunken sheep herder.

On his return to Madras, Carl learned that he was the insane man officers were looking for.

City Marshal Pete O'Neil and state officers spent most of Wednesday night in a futile search for him.

Sheriff Dussault and deputy Gard are out this afternoon, and a general alarm has been given and it is expected the man will be picked up shortly.

Carl Darar and Earl Huff, state officer, spent most of Wednesday night searching the hills in the vicinity of the Walt Darar ranch.

He is of medium build, weighing around 175 pounds, about 35 years old. He has black hair and is bareheaded and wears a green plaid shirt or coat.

FILE PHOTO - Larry and Sue Sullivan, of Madras, welcome their identical twin daughters, Teresa and Tracie.50 YEARS AGO

May 9, 1968

The first twins to be born at Mountain View Hospital are the identical twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sullivan. The girls were born at 5:35 and 5:40 a.m. Monday, May 6.

They have been named Teresa Renae and Tracie Suzanne and weighed 5 pounds, 13 ounces, and 5 pounds, 7 1/2 ounces, respectively. The girls arrived in time for Mother's Day and are their mother's birthday present. The twins join their mother, father, and 22-month-old brother. The staff of Mountain View Hospital celebrated the birth of the Sullivan twins as though they were the hospital's very own.


May 6, 1993

Fewer teenagers have lost their Oregon driving privileges this year for drug- and alcohol-related offenses according to the Oregon Department of Transportation.

ODOT's Driver and Mother Vehicle Services branch reported that 417 teenagers between 13 and 17 years old lost their driving privileges or the right to apply for a license or instruction permit during the first three months of 1993. During the same period last year, 495 teenagers lost their driving privileges or right to apply.

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