The cement part of structure had deteriorated since the statue was installed in 2009.

SUSAN MATHENY/MADRAS PIONEER - Oscar Vargas, left, and Orrin Beals, of Wilson Curb Construction, make repairs on the memorial statue honoring Pfc. Thomas Tucker.The Tommy Tucker memorial statue near Madras City Hall had some repair work done May 24, by workers Orrin Beals and Oscar Vargas, from Wilson Curb Construction, of Bend.

The city of Madras had contacted several companies to try to get repairs done before the holiday, but most were too busy. When Wilson Curb was called, the company said they not only could do it, but they would do the work for free.

The bronze soldier statue was fine, but the part depicting a little Iraqi girl in a bombed out building is made of cement, which had deteriorated since the statue was installed in 2009.

"The cement was cracking and the sides were popping off, and they wanted us to repair it," Beals said, noting they were also going to apply a waterproof membrane to help preserve the cement work.

Beals was glad to be doing the repairs. "I grew up here and know what the statue means to the town. So, it's kind of exciting for me to work on it and get it fixed up for Memorial Day weekend," he said.

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