Nearly half of 325 entrants make it to final weigh-in for Movin' Mountains Slimdown Challenge.

HOLLY M. GILL - The two-man team of Annan Priday, left, and Refugio Orozco won the first place men's prize for the Movin' Mountains Slimdown Challenge at an awards ceremony May 24.Winners in the ninth annual Moving Mountains Slimdown Challenge were announced last week.

This year's event drew 325 entrants who signed up in January. Of those, 157 made it the final weigh-in finish line, just under half of the total entered. Those they made it lost a combined 1,589 pounds, 350.5 inches off waist and lost 250.75 inches off hips. Of the 157, 70 lost at least five pounds, earning a prize.

The biggest prizes, though, were claimed by the category winners. Combined, the entire prize pool for the 2018 event was $8,125.

In the two-person mixed teams, 40 teams entered and 23 teams finished. The prize pool for the category was $2,000.

Taking first, and earning $700, were The Warriors, Cristina Baltazar-Tapia and Miguel Tapia, with a 62.6 percent change.

Think Positive, Jeanie Traxtle and Jack Traxtle, were second, with a 56.6 percent change, earning $550.

Team Champions, Sonya Littledeer-Evans and Mark Evans, had a 44.3 percent change, took third and pocketed $350. In fourth was Thick N Thin, Jami Deming and Tim Kerr, with a 39.9 percent change. They received $250. Deidra Johnson and Peter Pettibone, the team Game On, was fifth with a 36.8 percent change, winning $150.

In the men's two-person team competition, with a prize pool of $200, four teams entered and three finished. The Destructores, featuring Annan Priday and Refugio Orozco, won with a 44.2 percent change, getting the full $200.

The women's two-team event had substantially more entries at 32, making the pool $1,600, but only nine teams finished. Four places were paid: The Zipper Rippers, Nicole Garcia and Janell Smith, were first with a 43.6 percent change, pocketing $650; Hidden Figures, Natalie Richards and Brandie McNamee, had a 41.6 percent change and won $450; Dimple Dumpin' Divas, Rachel Avila and Ryna Stum, were third, changing 40.9 percent, and won $300. In fourth was Run It Off, Jamie Hurd and Lisa Stroup, with a 29.6 percent change, earning $200.

In the individual men's competition, with a prize pool of $1,025, 41 entered and 19 finished. Competitions were broken into three weight groups.

In the Mount Jefferson Division, Miguel Tapia took first with a 32.3 percent change, earning $341.67.

In the Mount Adams Division, Steele Bailey won first, with a 29.4 percent change. He won $341.67.

Mark Evans won the Mount Raineer Division with a 23.9 percent change, and won $341.66.

There were 132 entrants in the individual women's competition, which had a prize pool of $3,300. Of those, 58 finished.

In the Mount St. Helens group, Cindy Schmidt won with a 36.8 percent change, winning $350. Cristina Baltazar was second with a 30.3 percent change and won $200.

In the Mount Hood group, Kim Tucker was the winner, working a 36.7 percent change and pocketing $350. Lucia Orozcoth had a 32.4 percent change and won $200.

In the Mount Bachelor group, Candace Frantz was first with a 32.6 percent change, winning $350. Angel Wilson took second, a 23.2 change, and won $200.

HOLLY M. GILL - Terri Comment, who lost 33.2 pounds, was the female who lost the most weight in the Slimdown Challenge.The Mount Baker group was taken by Terri Comment's 36.1 percent change. She won $350. Kayla Minson's 23.4 percent change earned her second and $200.

Angelina Stacona took the Mount Washington class with a 14.7 percent change, and won $350. Rosanne McKinley was second with a 14 percent change, and won $200.

The Mount Shasta group was won by Katrina Flande, who had a 22.2 percent change. Nicole Garcia finished second with a 20.0 percent change. They earned $350 and $200, respectively.

HOLLY M. GILL - Jack Traxtle was the male who lost the most weight — 41.4 pounds — in the weight loss program.Overall, the entrants who lost the most weight were, for the men, Jack Traxtle, who lost 41.4 pounds, and Terri Comment for the females, 33.2 pounds.

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