Board prepares interium contract for Clackamas man, Gary Barth to fill the vacancy.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Gary BarthThe Madras Aquatic Center Recreation District selected an experienced interim director and discussed its decision to dissolve its agreement with the Kids Club Monday night.

Gary Barth, of Barth Consultants, of Clackamas, was unanimously chosen to fill the vacancy left by the June 11 termination of the MACRD's former executive director, Joe McHaney. Barth verbally accepted the position late Monday night, and a contract was to be presented to him on Tuesday.

McHaney, 38, had served as executive director for the MAC for the past four years, from April 17, 2014, until he was placed on adminstrative leave on April 12, as the board looked into financial irregularities at the MAC. Before he was hired by the MAC, he had been the Kids Club director for about two years.

"I think Gary will give us what we've needed," said board member Martti Rahi.

Board members Larry Layton and Steve Webb said that they appreciate his financial background and experience with parks and recreation facilities.

Board Chairman Jinnell Lewis said that it will be a short-term position. "Our goal is about three months, with the option to extend his contract to a maximum of six months for the recruitment of a permanent executive director," she said.

Formerly the director of the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District and Clackamas County Parks, Barth retired in December, and began working as a consultant. Prior to that, he was the director of Business and Community Services for Clackamas County and served on the county's Economic Development Commission.

Barth earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Portland in 1997, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Portland State University in 1986.

The board had interviewed two candidates for the interim position on June 25 — Barth and Courtney Snead, of Madras.

Kids Club MOU

A memorandum of understanding between the MAC and the Kids Club, which took effect Dec. 1, 2014, is in the process of being dissolved, following a meeting between the two organizations July 2. Under the MOU, the MAC took over management of the Kids Club, as well as payroll and bookkeeping services, for a monthly service fee. Joe McHaney again became the director for the Kids Club under the agreement.

"It was a joint decision by their board and ours," said Greg Tippett, MAC board member. "We realized our MOU needed to be reworked. They have their own business and we have our own."

"As a board, we appreciate the services the Kids Club provides," he said, noting that the MAC gave the Kids Club 60-days' notice, but the board asked for additional time.

"The MOU dissolution was a mutual decision," said Lewis. "There's going to be a lot of communication back and forth."

Speaking earlier during the time allotted for citizen input, Jennifer Holcomb expressed concern about the plan to dissolve the MOU. "It's a beneficial relationship," she said. "I'd ask that the board look at it."

The Kids Club is "essential to our community," Holcomb said, adding that it's used by "low income, high income, middle income; we all have kids there."

Following the meeting, Caren Pilkington, who has been managing the Kids Club since McHaney was put on leave, and then terminated, said that the Kids Club board had asked the MACRD to "absorb" them.

Currently, the Kids Club has 111 members, up from 62 last summer, and two full-time employees, along with nine part-time employees.

When the MAC took over management of the Kids Club, Pilkington said that the Kids Club's records became part of the MAC's ActiveNet software system.

"When we lose their system, we're going to lose all (the kids') information, their dates of birth, emergency contacts, addresses, phone numbers, household numbers, schools they attend," said Pilkington, who estimated that it would cost the Kids Club $15,000-$20,000 to start up a new system.

"We don't have the funds for that," she said. "It was such a great partnership."

"Right now, the MAC offers all kids enrolled in full-day memberships free swimming any day that Kids Club brings them. We try to bring them to the MAC five days a week," she said. "There are special days where we could bring the whole club at no cost."

Michelle Camphouse, the office manager for the MAC, also served as the human resources person for the Kids Club. "We're losing all payroll services," said Pilkington. "At this point, they're in full control of our services."

When she was hired in July 2017, Pilkington said that the agreement wasn't supposed to expire until July 2019. "Joe told me that by July 2019, the MAC would absorb Kids Club."

Pilkington served on the Kids Club Board of Directors until she was hired. "I have three kids in the club, so I see the benefits of it," she said. "I believe in what we do."

Lewis said that Kids Club had presented them with two options, "absorbing" the club or dissolving the MOU.

"Both organizations decided that dissolving was best option at this time," said Lewis. "We agreed to extend the MOU at their request for another 30 days for them to use the Active system at no charge. We are also open to an agreement to use the Active system beyond that 30-day period of time."

"It was determined that this wasn't a good time to consolidate, and dissolution was the only other option that was presented by the Kids Club board," she said.

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