Contact Division of Financial Regulation team for help with insurance questions.

Residents that have been forced to evacuate their homes because of the wildfires burning across the state can contact the Division of Financial Regulation's Advocacy Team for help with insurance questions.

Call the team at 888-877-4894 (toll-free) or online at

There are several insurance considerations if you are affected by one of the state's wildfires. The division has five tips to help residents recover.

- Coverage is typically available for fire, smoke, and ash damage to your home and personal property. You may also be covered for your additional expenses due to a mandatory evacuation.

- A typical homeowner policy will cover expenses such as lodging, food, and pet boarding if you are part of a mandatory evacuation. The coverage may be subject to your deductible. It is important to save all your receipts and notify your agent as soon as possible.

- If possible, make a quick home inventory by taking photos of each room in your home. Pay close attention to what is on walls, in drawers and closets, and storage areas such as the attic or garage.

- If your home is damaged by a fire, take steps to prevent further damage by making temporary repairs. Make safety the top priority, and save receipts for work that is done.

- Vehicles damaged by fire, even if parked in the garage at the time, are covered by comprehensive coverage on a typical auto policy.

Oregonians can also contact the division's advocacy team if they have problems with their insurance company, agent, or claims adjuster. Visit for more information.

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