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The MAC Dash Board makes a request for MACRD to manage the annual fundraising event.

Madras Aquatic Center Recreation District Interim Director Gary Barth was authorized to establish a line of credit with Columbia Bank by the board of directors at its Aug. 13 meeting.

Barth noted that MAC's fiscal year began in July, but taxes aren't collected until November. "We need a line of credit until the tax receipts come in. Our cash has been pinched. We have $57,000 in receivables, and $40,000 in the bank currently," he said.

He said a line of credit would give them "Better cash flow forecasting going forward, and a reserve to deal with unforeseen issues." The line of credit would be renewable annually.

During public comments, Angela Harris and Michele Gemelas spoke to board members about taking over the running of the MAC Dash triathlon, since several members of the MAC Dash Board are retiring.

"We've been doing this event for 11 years, which has raised over $110,000 net," Harris said, adding, "It's a huge fundraiser, with funds going to (activities including) the swim team and water polo."

She said they don't want to see the event go away, but unless a group steps up to take over, it will. The MAC Dash Board has 10 people, and five longtime members are retiring. She said they have a timeline sheet with all the instructions of what to do to prepare for the event, and when to do it.

Gemelas told the board, "We have people onboard who are willing to mentor others; we're just exhausted. It takes 70 volunteers to put on the event. We're looking for partnerships and hope at the very least, the MACRD would partner with us."

Barth said they would review the information, adding, "It would be a capacity issue for our staff."

Board member Greg Tippett gave an update on negotiations with the Madras Kids Club, since management of the club by the MACRD is in the process of being terminated. "They are working to get up and running before September," he said, referring to the club trying to establish its own computerized payroll system.

The board recently cancelled its MOU for management and other services with the Kids Club following the dismissal of its former director, Joe McHaney, who was the executive director of both groups.

The board passed a resolution on public contracting rules and procedures, which allows the MACRD director to make purchases of up to $20,000, without having to bring it to the board.

"It streamlines things, since the board only meets once a month," commented legal counsel Alan Dale.

Board chairman Jinnell Lewis noted, "Before we had a $3,000 limit, and now we're looking at $20,000."

Barth responded, "The director is already limited by the operating budget. This is so the director can execute the operating plan without running back to the board. You can change the limit at any time by a resolution of the board."

On the search for a new permanent director, Barth suggested the board establish a screening committee to review applications after they come in. The committee would recommend the top five candidates, but the MACRD Board would make the final decision.

On the topic of water polo, the MAC has not been able to find a coach. It had a candidate, but that person withdrew his application.

Barth suggested, "If parents want to find a coach outside of MAC -- they would need a sponsor such as 509-J — then we will provide the water. We could run it as an independent program."

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