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Madras enacts curfew ordinance in 1943 for those under age 18, which kicks in from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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August 15, 2018

The following telegram was received yesterday morning by the County Draft Board, and gives instructions to proceed immediately to get ready for the registering of Uncle Sam's new army of men over 31 years old and under 21 years.

The instructions will be followed to the letter in Jefferson County and when registration day comes along, Jefferson County will not be found wanting.

Portland, Oregon, Aug. 6, 1918 – Local Board Jefferson County, Madras, Oregon: Circulation 270 has this date been mailed to all boards. This circular carries a direction from the Provost Marshal General to boards to at once make preliminary arrangements for the registration of a very large number of men in early September. Registration will be made in the customary voting precincts in the jurisdiction of each board. Arrangements should be made immediately for use of voting booths and public buildings with such equipment as is usually supplied for use in registering voters. Boards are requested to at once appoint a registrar or registrars for each precinct in its jurisdiction. Where there is more than one registrar in a precinct, one will be appointed as chief registrar. Registrars should be appointed for each probable eight registrants in a precinct. This will require one and one-third times as many registrars as were required in June 1917. Registrars must be citizens of the United States and reside within the jurisdiction of the board by which they are appointed. The Provost Marshal General advises that the registration of such large numbers requires detailed and extensive preparation and there will not be sufficient time for such preparation after the passage of the legislation by Congress.

Instructions outlining procedure have been mailed from Washington and will be distributed by this department immediately upon receipt. Pending receipt thereof, boards are instructed to make preliminary arrangements at once in order that registration make take place soon after the passage of the necessary legislation. The machinery for registration must be perfected and ready to put into immediate operation when the President's proclamation can be published. Watch for circular 270.


August 12, 1943

At the regular meeting of the City Council of the city of Madras, held Tuesday evening in the city hall, council members passed a curfew ordinance, effective immediately.

The ordinance prevents persons under the age of 18 years of being on the streets between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. without being accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

The ordinance provides for a public reprimand for first offense, and a cash fine on subsequent offenses.

The ordinance is known as "Ordinance 61."


August 15, 1968

A two-car accident on Highway 97 North Tuesday, Aug. 8 ended with a smashed gas pump and oil and oil racks scattered about the north end Union 76 station.

The accident occurred when a Madras man attempted to make a left turn from the south lane of Highway 97 on to Oak Street, hitting a car heading north on 97, driven by a Maupin woman, causing her to lose control of the car. The woman's car then careened to the left across 97, jumped the curb, and struck the gas pump. The woman was treated for minor bruises and contusions.


August 12, 1993

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has assessed a $7,200 civil penalty against Seaswirl Boats of Culver, for hazardous waste management violations.

DEQ cited the local boat manufacturer for illegal disposal of hazardous waste of the Jefferson County Landfill and failure to determine if wastes (acetone, resin and solvent) generated by the company are hazardous.

The department also cited Seaswirl for storing hazardous waste without a required permit and failure to prepare and submit an annual hazardous waste report.

A DEQ Compliance Order was issued along with the civil penalty, which requires Seaswirl to correct the violations within 60 days.

Ken Harms, environmental coordinator for Seaswirl, said the company has met with DEQ officials and plans are already being made to comply with state regulations.

Harms said the company's status with DEQ changed recently and failure to comply with the new and more ridged standards was an oversight.

"Our main thrust is to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, which we thought we were doing," said Harms. "We're going to cooperate with DEQ and so far, they've been very helpful."

The citations were issued following a DEQ inspection on June 22, which revealed that Seaswirl violated state procedures by disposing of solvent-contaminated rags and glue wastes at the county dump.

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