Land Conservation and Development Commission needs at-large member for advisory committee.

The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development and the Land Conservation and Development Commission are seeking volunteers to serve as members of the state's Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee, representing the citizens of Oregon in Congressional District 4, and in an at-large capacity.

The advisory committee is appointed by the Land Conservation and Development Commission to advise LCDC on citizen involvement in land-use planning. Jefferson County residents, who live in District 30, would only be eligible for an at-large position.

CIAC is a permanent committee established by state law (ORS 197.160) and its work centers on Statewide Planning Goal 1: citizen involvement. The committee furthers citizen involvement in land-use planning through activities such as:

- Advising LCDC on all matters concerning citizen involvement in Oregon land-use planning and the statewide planning program.

- Advising local governments about ways to enhance citizen involvement in communities.

- Writing and distributing materials to educate and inform Oregonians about citizen involvement in land-use planning.

- Reviewing local government plans and programs concerning citizen involvement.

The committee comprises up to eight volunteers, one from each of Oregon's five Congressional Districts and three at-large positions. Committee members must be available for quarterly meetings. Regular travel is not a requirement of this position and meetings are often held via videoconference.

The annual trip to Salem for the joint meeting of the CIAC and LCDC is encouraged for all members.

LCDC appoints committee members to four-year terms. The open positions fill currently vacant seats. Interested individuals are welcome to contact any of the current CIAC members for further information about duties and activities.

Completed applications must be received at DLCD by 5 p.m. Oct. 5. The department and CIAC will interview finalists and will make a recommendation to LCDC for action at its November 2018 meeting.

Application materials include a resume, one letter of recommendation, three references, and answers to three questions listed below.

Application questions include:

1. Please explain why you are interested in this position.

2. Please describe your experience with community planning or community involvement committees.

3. Please describe any involvement you have had with state, regional, or local advisory boards.

Send application materials to: Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, Attention Casaria Taylor, 635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150, Salem, Oregon, 97301. Or you can submit your application by fax at 503-378-5518, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Oregon's statewide land-use planning program — originated in 1973 under Senate Bill 100 — protects farm and forest lands, conserves natural resources, promotes livable communities, facilitates orderly and efficient development, helps coordination among local governments, and enables citizen involvement.

The program affords all Oregonians predictability and sustainability to the development process by allocating land for industrial, commercial and housing development, as well as transportation and agriculture. The DLCD administers the program. A seven-member volunteer citizen board known as the LCDC guides DLCD.

Under the program, all cities and counties have adopted comprehensive plans that meet mandatory state standards. The standards are 19 statewide planning goals that deal with land use, development, housing, transportation, and conservation of natural resources. Periodic review of plans and technical assistance in the form of grants to local jurisdictions are key elements of the program.

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