Crews take only one week to pulverize and repave Northwest Earl and Conroy streets in the industrial site.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Crews from 7 Peaks Paving lay asphalt on Northwest Earl Street, at the entrance to the Madras Industrial Site last week.
Thanks to efforts by the city of Madras, two key roads in the Madras Industrial Site Park, which serve two of the community's largest industries — Bright Wood Corp. and KEITH Manufacturing — were paved last week.

According to Jeff Hurd, director of the Madras Public Works Department, 7 Peaks Paving was the low bidder at $215,457.80 to pulverize and pave Northwest Earl and Northwest Conroy streets.

Since the city had originally estimated that it would cost about $300,000, the city got permission from the Oregon Department of Transportation to use the savings to repair the rail crossings on Hess Street to make them easy to traverse, Hurd said.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Crews complete the paving on Northwest Conroy Street adjacent to Bright Wood, in the Madras Industrial Site. 
"The pulverization project was funded by a $75,000 grant from Jefferson County, a $75,000 loan from Jefferson County, and an Immediate Opportunity Fund Grant through the Oregon Department of Transportation for $150,000," he said.

The contractor, 7 Peaks Paving, started and finished the project the last week of September. "The project entailed about 2,600 linear feet of pavement that ranged in widths from 24 to 30 feet wide," said Hurd, noting that it is entirely finished.

"For the benefit side, I see it as a win for being able to provide a highly needed road for the business park," said Hurd, adding that the businesses at the park employ many and their operations require the use of a good transportation network.

"Before, the road was so bad they had to travel on the opposite side of the road if they wanted to use Earl," he said. "Now they don't. Plus, it shows we take pride in our town being able to fix it. If I had my wish and an endless back account, I would fix all the roads in town."

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