Oregon State EMS Division recognizes local as 'Advanced Emergency Medical Technician of the Year.'

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Victor Terrazas earns state recognition as 'Advanced Emergency Medical Technician of the Year.'Sgt. Victor Terrazas, an employee with Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services, was recognized on Sept. 28, as the "Advanced Emergency Medical Technician of the Year," by the Oregon State EMS Division.

Noting some of reasons Terrazas was selected for the award, JCEMS Chief Mike Lepin said, "Victor has proven himself to be a great asset to our department, staff and volunteers. He came to us seeking education in EMS and took EMT and AEMT training from COCC. I was his instructor and I can say he was in the top 10 percent."

"He worked full-time and took care of his family while studying, and still excelled in his performance. He now works on a crew at my department and handles all fleet and building maintenance, besides doing patient care. With that, he trains all new staff and volunteers in driving and helps to orient them to the service," Lepin said in nominating Terrazas for the award.

"What's more is Victor is a 'Dreamer.' Victor moved to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 2 years old. With the support of his family and friends, he recently completed his paperwork to remain in the U.S. legally," the chief said.

"He has been an inspiration to the large Hispanic population in our community," said Lepin. "He has played a part in building relationships with this community, which has benefitted our department, improving the way we deliver patient care."

"Victor is confident, compassionate and a patient advocate. He is never down, and often uplifting. He is reliable and accountable. He comforts his patients, supports his partners and does so without reward," Lepin added.

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