New hotel will share parking, pool and maid services with Inn at Cross Keys Station.

HOLLY GILL/MADRAS PIONEER - The owners of the Inn at Cross Keys plan to build a second hotel on their  property, which will be a 64-room 'My Place' brand hotel, geared toward longer stays at lower costs.Plans for a new local hotel got financial support recently, when the Madras Redevelopment Commission agreed to provide Cross Keys LLC with $465,000 to offset development costs.

The owners of Inn at Cross Keys Station, Rich and Sandy Priday, of Prineville, are making plans to develop a new, 64-room "My Place" hotel on property they own to the north of their hotel. The $4.5 million hotel would offer rooms in the middle range of about $75-80 per night.

The hotel, which will be part of the "My Place" brand, which has hotels across the country, including one in Bend, will have more specialized decor than the typical hotel, with input from Sandy Priday, who was responsible for the upscale interior design at the Inn at Cross Keys.

"She runs a tight ship," said Rich Priday, whose family pioneered in the Willowdale area.

The Inn at Cross Keys, a higher-end hotel, "is doing really well right now," he said. "With our summer numbers, we need more rooms."

By building another hotel adjacent to Inn at Cross Keys, they intend be able to share the inn's pool, conference room and parking, and provide a more affordable option for extended stays.

"The benefits to having two hotels together are you pull people to the same place, and there are more hours for maids," he said, adding, "We're extremely customer oriented."

The MRC, which contributed $525,000 over a five-year period to encourage the Inn at Cross Keys to locate in Madras and include a large conference room, will contribute $465,000 over a five-year period for the "My Place" hotel. Those funds will be used to offset some of the costs of infrastructure required by the city, such as the extension of the road and sidewalks west of, and parallel to, U.S. Highway 26.

The Priday's property extends all the way to Lee Street, to the north, and could eventually include other development, such as restaurants and a grocery store, as well as another entrance across from Mazatlan.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's the gateway to Central Oregon," said Priday, who hasn't yet determined when they will start construction. "The 'My Place' guys have a team; they will do a great job for you guys."

"Anything we do, you're going to be happy," Sandy Priday assured the MRC, stressing that they continue to invest in their Madras hotel. "We love our hotel."

"You either keep them up, or they get rundown and you lose your investment," said Priday. "We've put a lot of money back in."

Calling the Inn at Cross Keys "our best performer right now," Priday added, "It's coming on strong."

Priday, who graduated from the Citadel, a military college in Charleston, South Carolina, had a college reunion at the Inn at Cross Keys last year. "They wouldn't stop talking about how great it was," he said. "Madras has a lot to offer."

"The city of Madras is fantastic; we can't say enough about all the different people that have worked with us. They all do a great job."

"We want to be part of the community."

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