Second transformer for Facebook Data Center in Prineville will be coming through this week.

 - The load makes its way along I-84.A gigantic transformer was transported from Vancouver, Washington, to the Prineville Facebook Data Center Sunday, Oct. 28, and another one will be on the move this week.

According to Pacific Power Media Spokesman Tom Gauntt, the transformers will be part of the new substation that will serve the Facebook Data Center expansion, which will be located on the Facebook campus.

The mega load traveled on I-84 to Highway 97 and then onto Highway 126.

Gauntt said the transformer was transported on a trailer that was 130 yards long. Total weight of the transformer and truck and trailer was 906,500 pounds. It required a truck in the front and two trucks in the back to transport. Fully assembled, the transformer weighs 541,850 pounds.

A second transformer of similar size will be coming this week. Both will be on site by Friday, Nov. 9.

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