Warm Springs residents told to boil tap water, and were without water until repairs began Nov. 6.

Warm Springs residents have been dealing with a major water line break, which occurred Sunday, Nov. 4.

A water main line break, near the Shitike River crossing, was identified by Warm Springs Public Utilities staff Sunday morning, which has resulted in low water pressure and water loss in some areas. The water system was shut down so staff could evaluate the problem.

On Nov. 5, Warm Springs residents were instructed to boil their tap water before using it, or to use bottled water until further notice.

Crews were slated to begin repairing the 14-inch mail line on Nov. 6, and it was anticipated the repairs would be completed within 24 hours. It was estimated that recharging the water system would take another five to six hours after repairs.

Residents were told to contact Warm Springs Public Utilities, Water and Wastewater Division at 541-553-3246, or the Office of Environmental Health at 541-553-4943, for more information.

Areas affected included: the Catholic Church, all of the campus area, the community center, and areas fed by the southeast tank. The shut off of the southwest tank resulted in water loss to trailer courts, Tenino Valley, Tenino Apartments, High Lookee Lodge, Warm Springs Senior Center/Senior Housing, Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center, Warm Springs Early Childhood Education, Elliott Heights, the Tribal Administration Building, and Agency Longhouse.

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