Red Cross directed to set up canteens for aviators' comfort during World War II, in 1918.

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December 12, 1918

American flying men in France are to receive special attention from the American Red Cross as the result of a request for such service that has been received from General Patrick, chief of the Air Service. Because of the necessity of keeping aviators overseas in the very best mental and physical condition for their hazardous work, officials of the aviation branch of the service have long felt they should have more comforts and opportunities for relaxation than are provided by the ordinary canteen.

In compliance with the request, the Red Cross is establishing special combination mess and recreation canteens at all points in France where our aviators, either students or officers, are stationed. Extra comforts and attention will be provided for our "bird men" at these canteens. They will be presided over by American women of intelligence and cheerful personality, whose chief duty will be to create as much home atmosphere as possible in the circumstances.

The American Red Cross is to have sole charge of these aviation canteens.


December 9, 1943

A P-38 fighter pilot of the Army Air Forces, already decorated by the AAF for spectacular heroism in the Solomons, has been awarded the Navy Cross, which ranks second only to the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Navy department announced Monday. He is Captain Rex T. Barber of Culver. While he was attached to a marine fighter command last April 18, Capt. Barber, then a first lieutenant, attacked two Japanese bombers and six fighters over the Solomons. He destroyed one bomber at such close range that explosion fragments lodged in the wings of his plane. He also shot down an escorting fighter.

The award of the Navy Cross was made for extraordinary heroism.

Last March Barber was a member of a flight of P-38 fighters attacking a Japanese destroyer. Nine zeros were shot down by Americans, who then raked the destroyer, setting her afire. Barber's run over the Jap ship was so close that three feet of his left wing tip were seared off by the destroyer's funnel. He was awarded the Silver Star medal following that action.

Capt. Barber, former student at Oregon State College, is the son of W.C. Barber of Culver.


December 12, 1968

Junior sled man Danny Dendauw of Madras was a bit disturbed by the white stuff that fell during the past week. The cause of Danny's tearful expression was a sticky sled, but many Madras motorists were just as wrought up about tires refusing to stay on slick, snow clogged streets. A total of 15 inches of snow was recorded Dec. 4, which, according to state weather records dating from 1909, sets a new one-day total snowfall record. A 9-inch snowfall was recorded in 1954, with a normal one-day fall rarely eclipsing 4 to 5 inches.


December 9, 1993

A Hollywood star was in our midst last week.

Rutger Hauer, the tall, blond, often-sinister actor, spent a couple days in Madras after his motor home broke down in the area.

Hauer was traveling from Washington state back to Los Angeles when the breakdown occurred, according to reports. He spent the night at the Juniper Motel and had the vehicle serviced at Miller Ford Nissan.

Employees of Ahern's Grocery and Deli reported that Hauer came into the store at least twice, once Wednesday evening and again Thursday.

The actor left town after his vehicle was repaired, according to a Miller Ford Nissan spokesman.

One of Hollywood's favorite bad guys, Hauer was recently the lead vampire in the hit movie "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Hauer is also known for his performances in "Hitcher," "The Voyage," "Bladerunner," "Deadlocked," and "Blindside."

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