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Local task force studies need for new Jefferson County jail in 1963, concludes it's needed.

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January 2, 1919

Now's the time for personal stock taking. The habit is in the air around Christmas. The kiddie lives a miserable life from the first of December trying to do his best so that old Santa will be good to him. The average man starts in around Christmas to think about the New Year resolutions he is going to make.

All his friends, wise and otherwise proffer advice gratis until the poor chap isn't sure whether the New Year is coming or going and he himself is hopelessly lost. If he's wise he will go off by himself to a quiet corner and turn over the events of the past year and strike a balance on the results. The chances are that he will feel as chipper as a squirrel in May when the job is finished. There will be many instances where the "might have been" will condemn what was.

Life has many lessons that are hard to learn. One is that you can't put your ability in cold storage until needed for some great scoop. Your present job may be no complement to your ability, but you dare not slight it for that reason. To keep yourself fit you must constantly employ your talents to the limit.

Man's measure is best taken when he toils for the good of others. Much that he does in this line is not appreciated. The knowledge of this kills some folks at the start. Most men do their best when the thing they advocate is popular.

The fellow that is honest in his stock taking will find many loose connections in his past efforts. He has failed to keep the pace because his ideals and ability did not mix properly; or he has been short on one or both of these essentials.

When the head is supplied with right thinking, the body is apt to be best fitted for its tasks. To be sure, the care of the body influences the thinking, but even that needs right thinking to help it. If your head is off, you can't give your body a square deal.

If you haven't measured up to expectations during 1918, you must find the reason. The truth will doubtless jar your self-opinion a little, and you would hate to see the analysis in the newspaper. But the results will be just as public if you fail and men who read between the lines know the facts.

The best assurance of success is found in taking stock of the means of attaining it. Many worthy projects are blasted by over-zeal. Faith does wonders, but it's a healthy process to mix considerable good judgment with it.

There's nothing like knowing what you dare expect of yourself. It's just as foolish to attempt jobs too big for you as it is to be afraid of what you can easily do.

You owe yourself and your friends your best record for the coming year. It should be a matter of satisfaction to know that you have the ability to do big things. It's equally important to know your weakness if you should be confronted with big things.


December 30, 1943

A man drowned at the Warm Springs Lumber Co. logging pond last Thursday morning, Dec. 23. The man had been crushed by a truck a week or 10 days previous and the supposition is that he was not feeling too well.

He was trying to break loose some logs that had become frozen in the pond and he had gone out to the edge of the ice. There was a log a few feet out that he was trying to dislodge and it is supposed that he became dizzy or had a fainting spell; at least he suddenly pitched head forward into the water.

A fellow worker, who saw the accident from the opposite shore called for help and the body was dragged from the pond with a peevey. The drowning was a surprise to his fellow workers as the water at that spot was not over 6 feet deep which lends all the more credence to the supposition that he may have fainted.


January 2, 1969

Mayor Don Hatfield announced Friday that a new chief of police for the city of Madras had been selected by the city council.

Due to begin work in about two weeks is Ray Graham, Arlington, who has been serving as chief in that Columbia River community for the past three years.

According to Mayor Hatfield, Graham is an experienced police officer, having 12 years cumulative experience in police work, including seven years at Hermiston and two years at Enumclaw, Washington.

He is married and the father of three children.


December 30, 1993

If a local task force has its way, Jefferson County will soon have a new jail facility.

In January, the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Study Panel will ask the Jefferson County Budget Committee to ask voters to approve a new jail facility. If the budget committee backs the proposal, voters could be facing a bond issue next year, or early 1995.

The 11-member panel — made up of county and Madras government and law officials, plus two people representing the public at large — has studied the jail situation for about one year. Its conclusion is that Jefferson County needs a much larger facility.

Chairman Ted Viramonte indicated that the panel's proposal to the budget committee will be for a facility "somewhere between 50 and a 100 beds," and located "near the courthouse." Viramonte noted that he didn't want to be too specific with the panel's plans until the budget committee had a chance to review them.

The present county jail facility has space for 18 beds, and is woefully overcrowded, said Viramonte. In fact, there's a waiting list to get in.

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