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New attorney specializes in personal injury, criminal and family law at Glenn, Reeder and Gassner.

HOLLY M. GILL/MADRAS PIONEER - Attorney Marcus Gipson started work with the law firm of Glenn, Reeder and Gassner in mid-October.Personal injury, criminal and family law are among the specialty areas for Attorney Marcus Gipson, who has joined the Madras law practice of Glenn, Reeder and Gassner.

A native Oregonian, Gipson, 40, is fluent in Spanish and has worked with immigrants and victims of domestic violence for more than two decades. He started work at the firm in mid-October.

"One of the reasons why I came out here, besides the demographic, is because criminal law is something I've been very passionate about," he said. "I've watched people be treated like criminals the moment there are allegations against them; I believe all people deserve their day in court."

When he arrived in Madras, Gipson said that he felt very much at home. "Dave Glenn, Don Reeder and Tim Gassner have great minds to learn from," he said. "It has given me the opportunity to serve some of the most vulnerable and defend people against, arguably, the most powerful bully, the state."

Formerly of Salem and Portland, Gipson grew up in Yamhill County, where he attended Yamhill-Carlton High School. When Gipson was a freshman, his mother was in a serious accident, which became a turning point in his life.

"I'm very passionate when it comes to areas that impact people's lives; my mother almost died in a car crash and I watched our whole world go to medical bills," said Gipson. His father quit work to care for his mother, who was bedridden, and he worked after school to help out.

Eventually, Gipson attended Southern Nazarene University, in Bethany, Oklahoma, where he began studies to prepare to become a medical doctor, but later switched course and decided to become an attorney.

During his 20s, Gipson also lived on the south side of Chicago, where he worked on inner-city community service projects, taught people English, and worked with at-risk youths.

That experience, combined with his work in the fields, and in construction and contract work when he was younger, helped him achieve his goal of becoming fluent in Spanish.

"I heard people speaking Spanish and I tried to speak Spanish with them," he said.

In 2012, Gipson graduated summa cum laude from Western Oregon University, with a bachelor's degree. That fall, he started classes at Willamette University Law School, where he earned a juris doctorate in 2015.

After graduation, he worked in family law and mediation and contract negotiations in Salem and the Portland metro area, before accepting the job in Madras.

Gipson, who is single and has a 15-year-old son, Jacob, has served on the Willamette Valley Family Medical Center Board of Directors, in Salem, for the past three years.

In his free time, he most enjoys spending time with his son, as well as building and racing cars, taking adventurous trips — primarily to South America, and indulging his passion for politics and policy.

"I tend to play the devil's advocate and cause people to think," he said, noting that he likes to encourage others to question their own ideas on policy. "History has shown, somewhere in the middle is usually the right fit for all."

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