Effort to eradicate noxious weeds in Madras expected to run from April through September.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - The city of Madras and Raven Research are working to eradicate noxious weeds in Madras. Noxious weeds that are particular problems in Madras include puncture vine, white diffuse knapweed and spotted knapweed. The photo shows knapweed as it is emerging.
The city of Madras and Raven Research have once again teamed up to work on the eradication of noxious weeds in the city.

Gary Clowers, of Raven Research, along with city staff will be actively searching town from April through September for noxious weeds. The city asks the public to help eradicate noxious weeds from the city.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Puncture vine is one of the noxious weeds that is considered a problem in Madras.What is a noxious weed?

A noxious weed is a nonnative plant that aggressively invades farmland, and robs native plants of water, nutrients, and sunlight. They may also reduce native wildlife habitats. Noxious weeds in your yard can also decrease your property value, and deter potential owners or renters.

In the Madras area, the most common noxious weeds are: diffused knapweed, spotted knapweed, and puncture vine.

If your property is identified as containing noxious weeds, you will receive a notice allowing you time to remove the weeds from your property. If the noxious weeds are not removed in the time given, you will receive a formal notice and could receive a fine.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - White diffuse knapweed is one of the noxious weeds Madras and Raven Research are working to eradicate.The negative impacts of noxious weeds may not be obvious, but they are there. They increase fire hazards, destroy wildlife habitats, and may decrease your property value.

Help the city of Madras, Raven Research and Jefferson County put a stop to noxious weeds. If you have any questions about the city's Noxious Weed Ordinance, or noxious weed regulations, call the Madras City Hall at 541-475-2344, or visit the city's website at

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