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The Bureau of Reclamation seeks bids for a huge new power unit at the Cove in 1944.

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August 21, 1919

Every once in a while when you are out with the boys, you hear something about one of the gang that you hadn't ought to print but it's so dodgasted good you just have to. They're telling one on one of our leading citizens and best known county officials this week. It seems that he was presented with a telegram from "Neeta," whoever that is, telling him to meet her at the train. We understand that at about the same time, he received a check for beaucoup francs.

Anyway, he hired a jitney and was there with a big peony in his upper left-hand coat pocket when the evening train pulled in over the railroad right of way. He was standing near the train platform with a number of other citizens who were waiting for other citizenesses and citizenettes, eyes front and strictly on the job.

"Neeta," whoever that is, was there all right, but our friend didn't know her, so how was he to pick her out of the bunch that got off the train? But he didn't intend to be cheated, so he checked up on the strange good-looking ones as soon as the train pulled out. She was there alright, but the sad part of it was her husband was there to meet her. We know now that he got the telegram by mistake, but it was awful good while it lasted. We'll bet a wad it hurt to seal that letter with all that money up and mark it "opened by mistake."


August 17, 1944

The Bureau of Reclamation in Bend Wednesday, sought bids for the construction of a huge new power unit at Cove, on the Crooked River, and announced that bids would be accepted up to 10 a.m. Sept. 6, when they are to be opened.

The bureau announced that actual construction on the plant must begin within 30 days after the contract is let, and that project must be completed within 300 days.

Another requirement is that the contractor does not discriminate against employees because of race, color or national origin, and hinted that prisoners of war might be pressed into service to speed the construction.

At the Cove plant now there are two generators producing 1,100 kilowatts, and the contract will be let for the building of a third unit producing 1,500 kilowatts.

The new power unit is made necessary, it was pointed out, because of the reduction of water power at the Bend plant of the Pacific Power & Light Co., due to the storage of water in the Wickiup Reservoir for the North Unit Irrigation project. The Bend plant will be compensated for its loss of power through a hookup with the new Cove generator, it was said.

Not only is the additional power plant for the replenishing of Bend's power supply, but also for the furnishing of power to the 20,000 acres to be irrigated and farmed south of Madras in Jefferson County, when the big waterway is completed.

Bids are for huge excavations for the plant site, roadways to switchyard at Cove, powerhouse construction, water diversion and massive concrete emplacements.

Specifications call for the excavation of 6,910 cubic yards of earth and concrete along canals furnishing and installation of all materials to mount the huge generator on and house the power unit.


August 21, 1969

The 1969 Jefferson County Fair, which wound up with a bang Sunday in the second day of the rodeo, was a grand success.

Fair officials declined to say that it topped the outstanding 1968 fair, but attendance figures for this year's fair ... the best yardstick available ... put it on par with the 1968 event.

Fair board member Helmer Wallan, who rode herd on the admission button sales, said that while an exact count is not yet available, the number of the 50-cent buttons exceeded 3,000 slightly ... about the same as last year or possibly a few less.

Both Saturday and Sunday rodeos played to a full house. Wallan said the Saturday house might not have been quite as good as its 1968 counterpart, but that the Sunday attendance was a little greater.

A spokesman for the churchmen who put on the Saturday barbecue said that 496 persons were fed, and the Madras Elks Lodge, which put on the buckaroo breakfast Sunday, reported that more than 300 persons partook of the open-air feed.


August 17, 1994

Jefferson County will soon have its own Human Services Building, with everything housed under one roof, due to the purchase of the former DMV building on the south end of town.

The county mental health program recently took over the operation of the Recovery Center. Since mental health was renting its space at the former DMV building, it was decided by the county court to buy the whole building and house alcohol and drug services, public health, and mental health all in one place.

"The last four years, the county has set aside money for the purchase of buildings and property," Ahern said, noting county services have been expanding along with county population growth.

The future County Human Services building was purchased from a private owner at the cost of $319,000.

Another lot immediately east of Sahalee Park was purchased two years ago in anticipation of a place on which to build a new jail, if one should be approved, Ahern said.

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