To the Editor,

I must assume that, with what Mr. Leriche is trying to do to Dr. Beamer, that he will not be running again for the district attorney’s office.

So, he wants to be remembered in Madras? I can assure he will be.

Mike Bean


Why charge?

To the Editor,

It’s hard to believe that our district attorney can be so out of touch with our community that he has to charge Dr. Beamer. The incident has already ruined his life. It’s a total waste of resources. There are other problems that need to be addressed.

Jim Smith



To the Editor,

I am perplexed and disappointed that Steve Leriche, district attorney for Jefferson County, would waste precious money and time charging our beloved Dr. Beamer with not one, but two crimes — when he is the only victim of the episode that occurred over a weekend more than a year ago.

I sure wish I was on the grand jury — Dr. Beamer wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, be indicted. It seems to me that a better case could be made to prosecute Steve Leriche for squandering public funds in pursuit of stupidity.

I don’t even know Steve Leriche, but am quite certain, based on his decision to harass and prosecute Dr. Beamer, that we need a new, and much wiser district attorney.

Don Ratliff



To the Editor,

About Dr. Beamer: I feel like I have to say this. Can’t we just leave Dr. Leland “Bud” Beamer to live his life in peace? He’s been through enough.

If the district attorney’s office wants to go after someone, why don’t they concentrate on punishing, for instance, the people who cause automobile accidents that result in an innocent person’s death?

Carol Edwards



To the Editor,

It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword! I will try to prove that. I really hate to see an injustice done in our town. By that, I mean the humiliation that is being done to one of our finest doctors in Madras. Yes, Dr. “Bud” Beamer.

So, I am going to excercise my right to freedom of speech. Who gave the DA the right to bring charges against Dr. Beamer for “trumped-up” charges in regards to his taking home a medication that he thought he may have to use to euthanize his pet. He recorded it when he took it, and he recorded it when he brought it back. He even reported it to the medical board. Now, let’s get something straight here. He admitted to a lack of judgment after working a 24-hour shift. He reported his mistake to everyone who needed to know. The Oregon State Board of Medical Examiners exonerated him!

Who gave our district attorney the right to bring charges against this highly regarded doctor after everything was said and done? This DA does not have the power to act alone! Even St. Charles will not press charges. So, who is backing our DA?

Dr. Beamer is not guilty of posession of a controlled substance, neither is he guilty of third-degree theft. Anyone with a brain can figure this one out.

If our DA can act alone to carry this issue on ... then I would say that it is time for a new district attorney.

Side Note: Dr. Beamer was the most vocal about St. Charles taking over our county hospital. All taxpayers in Jefferson County built this hospital and kept it open. It was available to all of us. Dr. Beamer is a taxpayer and he has a voice, as do we all. Now, it seems that St. Charles calls the shots! OK, Mr. DA ... time to fess up!

Kay Hill


Face of the MAC

To the Editor,

In reference to your article on Bobby DeRoest, I would like to make some comments. My sister and I have attended the pool almost from its beginning and we have found Mr. DeRoest very professional and very kind to us.

From what we read, it seems that his actions perhaps called for a reprimand, but not a dismissal. It seems like harsh treatment for someone who devoted his career to promoting the pool and doing his utmost to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The community certainly benefited from his dedication to the swim team and the business it brought to the Madras community.

Mr. DeRoest is the “face” of the MAC and receiving the additional operations levy is likely because of his efforts and recognition in the community.

Glennis Fellas


Rumble strips

To the Editor,

So, another life has been claimed at the intersection of Dover and 97. It seems over the last 25 years that I have lived in Madras, every serious accident on 97 south of Madras has been at that intersection. The blinking 4-way that ODOT put up has probably saved some lives, but it obviously isn’t enough.

Looking at Dover from 97, it’s easy to see how it happens: coming from the east, you can be moving at a reasonable speed on a well-maintained, lightly-traveled road and suddenly you crest the hill and are 50 yards from the intersection. It’s hard to get stopped in that amount of space. Coming from the west, you don’t see the highway unless there is actually traffic on it. Again, easy to blow the stop.

I travel to Nevada every year or so, and as we go through California, we take a cut-off near Susanville. As the cut-off road approaches Highway 395, there are rumble strips that start well in advance of the intersection. They get your attention, quickly and completely.

Since apparently Dover is a county road, why can’t Jefferson County invest in a little extra asphalt and whatever tool makes the rumble strips make their characteristic noise and vibration, and see if we can save some more lives? It can’t be that expensive, and it doesn’t look as if it would be harmful to tires or difficult to maintain.

In fact, since a young couple just lost their lives at another infamous Dover intersection (this time with Bear Drive) maybe more than one dangerous junction could be considered for this treatment.

Cindy Schmidt


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