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To the Editor,

I am writing in defense of the DA for the action he has taken against Dr. Beamer. It was, and is, his responsiblity to file charges when the laws are violated.

The law, I believe, is a federal law: the unauthorized removal of a narcotic from a secure area for a nonpatient. This also placed the keeper of the narcotics cabinet into a precarious position. Drugs are inventoried at the end of and the beginning of the next duty time. At both times said person signs for the correctness of the count.

Justice must be blind. It cannot allow for preferential treatment of a person because he/she might be a good doctor, a good friend, have a sick dog or whatever. Having known the doctor for 35 years, I am sure when the dust settles he will agree. The judging will take place in a court of law. The jury of peers will decide the innocence or guilt of the party, as it should be. That is the system. Don’t expect the DA to do your bidding by having the lady of justice tip the scales how you would like to see them balance.

Dale Sarkkinen


Good man

To the Editor,

I keep reading the amazing support for Dr. Beamer and feel I need to add my opinion with respect to his dedication to medicine and humanity. I want the district attorney and St. Charles to know, and be reminded, that doctors make a Hippocratic oath. It was meant for the well-being of “mankind,” but it goes beyond that. It’s for the ones we love. Dr. Beamer loved his dog, like a lot of us do. He wanted to comfort those in need, even his family pet, like all of us do in a time of need.

Thirteen years ago, Dr. Beamer told my sister and myself, when our father passed away at Mountain View Hospital, “Girls, this community lost a good man.” If the district attorney proceeds with what he’s doing, even after Dr. Beamer has been exonerated by the state medical board, then the DA will find that this community has lost another good man.

Bev Vibbert-Annala

Hood River

Will be missed

To the Editor,

The Madras Aquatic Center Recreation District Board of Directors would like to thank Carolyn Harvey for her year of service with the recreation district.

She came onboard with the district while we were undergoing a reorganization, dividing duties, and new programing (out of water recreation). Her welcoming smile will be missed.

We wish her well in her future endeavors.

Thank you, Carolyn!

MAC Board of Directors

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