Just doing his job

To the Editor,

Steven Leriche is an honorable person. Dr. Bud Beamer is an honorable person. Both of them took an oath to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and to follow the rules and the laws that govern their professions and our state.

Dr. Beamer made a mistake. Unfortunately, his mistake was also a crime. Dr. Beamer knows that taking or possessing a controlled substance is a crime regardless of why he did it. The district attorney knows this, too. The district attorney cannot simply “look the other way” because Dr. Beamer is an honorable person.

The goal of any criminal prosecution is the protection of society, holding people accountable for their conduct and encouraging their reformation. It would appear that Jefferson County does not need to be protected from Dr. Beamer and Dr. Beamer does not appear to need reformation. District Attorney Leriche could have sought a conviction and other sanctions for Dr. Beamer’s actions. Instead, he did the right thing by offering a diversion.

The district attorney’s diversion avoids a conviction for Dr. Beamer (which surely would have cost him his license), and at the same time provides sufficient accountability by requiring an admission to wrongdoing.

All the citizens of Jefferson County should be proud of Dr. Beamer for having the courage to admit his mistake. Likewise, the citizens of Jefferson County should be proud of their district attorney for having the courage to accept this admission and move forward in an honorable way.

Eric Nisley

Wasco County district attorney

Shouldn't have charged him

To the Editor,

Bud Beamer is a very special doctor, community member, and friend. Without reviewing any of the specifics of his ordeal, it is fair to say that Bud and his family have suffered this past year. It has been heartwarming to read about all of the support he has received from the good folks of Jefferson County.

Tony Ahern summarized Bud’s situation well in his recent editorial analogy comparing Bud’s mistake to having a car wreck, then to rub salt in the wound, receiving a speeding ticket for going five miles over the posted speed limit.

The attempt to prosecute Bud, with apparently little regard for the man or his intent was bewildering at best, bringing to mind the saying “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Bud and his family have survived this ordeal and will, with the love and support of friends and the community, continue to flourish.

Dick & Meredith Junge


Great Culver kids

To the Editor,

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, my wife, Ann, and I were invited to the Culver Middle School, where I was asked to describe to the students World War II, that their grandfathers and great—grandfathers fought many generations ago. Upon our arrival at the school we were pleasantly introduced to Brad Kudlac, and Naomi Little, two very professional teachers.

When I was presented to their students, I am very proud to say that they were highly motivated in learning how WWII affected the world. These young ladies and gentlemen gave me great hope for our future.

Robert McHaney

WWII Veteran, 75th Infantry, 289th Combat Team


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