Great Veterans Day parade

To the Editor,

I just went to the best parade of the year, Madras’ Veterans Day Parade. Thank you to all the veterans who participated. Thank you to the Jefferson County Middle School Band, ROTC, and all the others who were there to support honoring the veterans who have given so much to defend out country. I wish we could have seen names of the participants.

We must do everything in our power to preserve our freedoms and honor the sacrifices that the men and women have made for the good old USA.

Dotha Patterson


Metolius council issues

To the Editor,

I am writing as a concerned citizen of Metolius, having lived in this city for almost 10 years. On Oct. 9, there appeared in the Letters to the Editor portion of the Madras Pioneer an excellent letter authored by Mary Frank of Culver, addressing issues and problems she observed mainly concerning the Culver City Council.

The issues listed so closely pertain to the Metolius City Council I decided to once again make an effort to attend those meetings. One of my main beefs is that although a nice big readerboard has recently been erected at city hall, very rarely is there an announcement of events other than social parties (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) monthly breakfasts at the Depot, but no notices of meetings for the public to attend including City Council meetings.

Just as in Culver, these meetings are held once a month, here on the first Monday, with the workshop starting at 6:30 and the council meeting at 7 p.m. I watched the board the last week of October hoping there would be notice of the upcoming council meeting or a reminder for folks to return their ballots for the upcoming election. Nothing. The board remained empty after the announcement of Halloween festivities at city hall.

On Oct. 4, I went to the Metolius council meeting with a couple concerns, one of which I brought up, and decided to keep silent on the other one till next time after being met with disinterested stares and vacant looks.

After I spoke, a young man stood to give his opinion on the medical marijuana clinic that had been proposed by a local couple last month at council meeting. They were hoping to open it here in Metolius. This was only brought to the attention of the locals two weeks ago when an article appeared in Madras’ weekly newspaper and was mentioned in the Metolius newsletter that we received the last week of October.

At that time, those who hoped to open the clinic were told to come back this month with a detailed business plan and a letter from the IRS as to their nonprofit status. They were there to give an update on their endeavors but were told almost immediately that council had decided this was not a good fit for Metolius and they were denied.

The reasons given by the mayor were strictly personal. He stated that he did not agree with the use of marijuana by anyone and did not approve of such a facility in Metolius. He stated the clinic will bring crime to this town with no police force to monitor the bad guys and, basically, we do not want this in our backyard. This was obviously the same with the other four council members as they remained silent with their eyes focused downward, and shuffling papers.

There were several people there to give their testimonies, all of whom have debillitating conditions or diseases. Most possess medical marijuana cards and presently have to drive to a clinic in Bend to get their medication. One of those is a retired law enforcement officer who testified as to the permanent damage to his organs from longtime prescription drug usage and the fact that marijuana is the only thing that eases the pain.

Another was a young veteran, well-educated college graduate who had all his facts in a row, well-researched information, who has had Crohn’s disease for many years and is basically disabled due to it. Both have medical marijuana cards signed by doctors at local clinics.

The council’s decision is final, without even giving the citizens of Metolius a chance to hear testamony and weigh in on the subject. Now, having just recently learned of this matter, I was furious that no meeting was called for the public to hear the pros and cons and let their opinions be known. There is a big, expensive readerboard recently installed at City Hall where it could have been announced that this subject was to be discussed at the November meeting — everyone please come to hear the presentation and give your opinions. Or it could have been mentioned in the weekly paper. Nothing! Nothing of importance is ever on the readerboard, just notices of monthly breakfasts at the depot, holiday parties and other social events sponsored by those who work at or volunteer for Metolius City Hall.

Now, I do not know how I would have voted, for or against the clinic being opened in my fair city, but I would have welcomed the opportunity to learn more about it before a decision was made.

Those five people on the council should not have the right to decide for the whole town on a matter based on personal convictions. Why were we not invited to a meeting to discuss the issue?

All the folks got up and walked out of the meeting after the decision was announced and I walked with them. I am totally disgusted with what I witnessed.

Carolyn Reynolds


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